Teach and tell: The gurus of art

Some of India’s greatest artists have also been teachers, but have they merely handed over a tradition or inspired fresh thinking?
Curated By: Kishore Singh
Published: Sep 10, 2016
Teach and tell: The gurus of art

Image by : DAG Modern Archives

[Untitled (‘Market’) by Sailoz Mukherjea]
In New Delhi, Sailoz Mukherjea (1906-60) taught landscape art at the Delhi Polytechnic (later College of Art, Delhi), and among his star pupils was artist Paramjit Singh. Sailoz is one of India’s nine ‘National Treasures’ and created a unique style where he would scratch the painted surface with the sharp end of his paint brush.

Another artist who taught at the College of Art, Delhi, was Bimal Dasgupta (1917-95), considered a master of abstract painting. His works recreate independent geographies that arise from a fertile imagination of imaginary lands.