How to holiday like Robert de Niro and Kate Winslet

Privacy comes at a price, but luxurious, secluded holiday getaways are almost always worth it
Curated By: Karishma Upadhyay
Published: Sep 16, 2016
How to holiday like Robert de Niro and Kate Winslet

Image by : Dave Cleaveland/ Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse

Lazing on a deserted beach and watching the sun go down into azure waters would be at least among the top three of most holiday plans. And if you could do that on a private island, surrounded by loved ones and a smorgasbord of local delicacies and drinks, that would be the dream. Now you might think this sounds like a playground for the excessively rich and famous. After all, Sir Richard Branson’s 74-acre Caribbean paradise, Necker Island, for instance, has hosted dignitaries like the late Princess Diana, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and America’s former President Jimmy Carter, and also Hollywood A-listers such as Robert De Niro and Kate Winslet. And sure enough, such upscale Robinson Crusoe-like fantasies come at a price, but the exclusivity that private islands offer is worth the money. We combed the globe and shortlisted some of the most luxurious ones that you can book—to get married, host a lavish party or just unwind.

(Pictured) The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse in Maine, US, promises complete privacy besides panoramic views of the sea and costs $3,400 for a two-night stay