Perfect timing: Watch out for these

Chronographs, tourbillons, skeletons and other exotic watches worth the investment
Curated by: Forbes
Published: Sep 15, 2016
Perfect timing: Watch out for these

Image by : David Arky

The Art of Time

Look, no hands! Or one hand. Or … liquid? Let’s face it, knowing the exact minute isn’t always the first priority when wearing a timepiece. But as these exotic watches demonstrate, there are many old (think sundial) and new (picture a Ferrari engine) ways to tell time. And all of them can keep people talking for hours.

Clockwise from top left: Pangaea Day Date ref. PDD908 in stainless steel by MeisterSinger ($2,825); UR-105TA “Clockwork Orange” in titanium by Urwerk ($64,000); Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon in 18kt white gold by Ulysse Nardin ($280,000); H1 Iceberg in titanium by HYT ($62,000); MP-05 LaFerrari all black in titanium by Hublot ($345,000).

Style Director: Joseph DeAcetis

Style Associate: Juan Benson

Maye Musk photographed by David Needleman

Watches photographed by
David Arky

Hair: Josue Perez

Makeup: Christian McCulloch

Set Design: Terry Lewis