Bengaluru's Echoes of Earth: Protecting the planet through music

A festival near Bengaluru is stringing together sustainable design and waste management with music
Curated By: Aditi Tailang
Published: May 31, 2018
Bengaluru's Echoes of Earth: Protecting the planet through music
This installation in 2016 was more than 20 feet tall and 200 feet long, with each letter made out of multiple recycled and repurposed media. It was designed by the Echoes of Earth team and artist Tapanjit Singh.

Echoes of Earth is a music festival based on the principles of sustainable design and waste management. Hosted across 150 acres of pristine nature at Embassy International Riding School, Bengaluru, it is the brainchild of Swordfish Events & Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Watson’s, who bring international musicians from different genres. The last two editions of the festival have hosted more than 200 artistes. The venue is created with upcycled and recycled concepts that serve as performance stages and installations.
This November’s Echoes of Earth is inspired by marine conservation. “While our focus still revolves around water, energy and waste management, we believe, just as life began in the oceans, the protection of marine environments is imperative to sustain life on earth,” says Roshan Netalkar, the festival director.