Global carmakers and the big EV switch

World over, carmakers are shifting gears towards electric vehicles and ecosystems, with some planning to go all-electric in a few years
Curated by: Ruchika Shah
Published: Feb 15, 2018
Global carmakers and the big EV switch
There are about 3 lakh nissan leafs on the roads in 49 markets, says Bruno Grippay, vice president of product planning, design and EV business at Nissan Motor India. “Renault-Nissan plans to launch 12 new electric vehicles by 2022.” In Q1 FY17, Renault-Nissan EVs (priced around $38,000) outsold Tesla’s EVs (around $40,000) by nearly 50 percent.

The Yokohama-based carmaker has been working with EVs for decades, with its four-seater Tama Electric Car, which ran on lead acid batteries, debuting in 1947. Its first generation Leaf was launched in 2010, and the second generation—with better design, longer range (400 km, compared to the earlier 225 km) and improved driving experience—in 2017.

Nissan is one of the founding members of CHAdeMO Association, proponents of fast charging protocols, with 16,700 quick chargers in the US, Europe and Asia.