A brave new world

A program that debates humans, 3D printed aircraft and autonomous flying vehicles can only mean that the future is here (Curated By- Anjan Das; Coordinated By- Mexy Xavier)
Curated by: Forbes India
Published: Jul 12, 2018
A brave new world
Volocopter, Urban air taxis
The Volocopter is the world’s first fully-electric, flying vehicle for urban mobility, built by the eponymous German manufacturer, and has completed test flights in Dubai. The air taxi system, which can carry two people at a time, has no combustion engine, produces no noise, has no complex mechanics and turns the vision of ‘flight-for-all’ into reality. Using its own hubs it connects vital intersections like airports or business parks with city centres. Volocopters relieve the strain on congestion-prone areas like bridges and ring roads and are cheaper than other aerial mobility alternatives.