Artificial Intelligence Art: Parenting a new genre

The first-ever show of art created by Artificial Intelligence just opened at the Nature Morte Gallery in New Delhi. Presented by Aparajita Jain, Gradient Descent brings together seven pioneering international artists who have adopted a radically new aesthetic practice: Their final artwork is actually created by an AI algorithm. The show is curated by Raghava KK and Karthik Kalyanaraman, founders of 64/1, a curatorial collective that focuses on building a public understanding of how artists and AI can come together to create art for the post-human age (By Madhu Kapparath)
Curated By: Forbes India
Published: Aug 21, 2018
Artificial Intelligence Art: Parenting a new genre

Image by : Nature Morte


Title: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Algorithm
Artist: Harshit Agrawal
From: India
Medium: Set of 20 prints

Agrawal teaches his AI algorithm what a human surgery looks like, by showing it several videos of surgical dissections. The algorithm is then allowed to produce its own images of an imagined human dissection. By varying the amount of training the algorithm gets, Agrawal generates abstract painterly images that are disquieting. The title alludes to a 1632 painting of Rembrandt’s, which showed a gathering watching the dissection of a human arm, in an era of troubled fascination with medical technology. Here, we are watching an AI-imagined dissection, in our era of troubled fascination with artificial intelligence.