As far as the lens can see

Leica Camera AG, the iconic German manufacturer of high-end cameras and lenses, is organising an exhibition showcasing the works of Forbes India’s chief photographer Amit Verma at Leica Store New Delhi. The one month expo which began on World Photography day (August 19), at the Leica Gallery, is the first solo exhibition of an Indian photographer by Leica in India. Sixteen images clicked by Verma (all self-printed) are displayed in monochrome. Amit felt monochrome was the perfect format to capture the fascinating landscapes of Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh
Curated By: Amit Verma
Published: Aug 21, 2018
As far as the lens can see

Image by : Amit Verma

Small pond of glacial water at the height of around 14,000 fts near Chandra Taal Lake in Himachal Pradesh