FIFA World Cup 2018: Head off to a Russian holiday

Indian football fans are marking their presence at the World Cup. A FIFA spokesperson confirmed that 17,962 tickets have been allocated to Indians. Now you may want to give the soccer matches a miss, but this is the best time to travel to Russia. With 570,000 foreign fans and 700,000 Russians expected to attend the matches, the cities are enlivened with anticipation and the restaurants with their specials, so happy city-hopping!
Curated by: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jun 18, 2018
FIFA World Cup 2018: Head off to a Russian holiday

Image by : Roman Evgenev / Shutterstock



Much water flows through St. Petersburg, the country’s cultural heart, that is crisscrossed by over eighty rivers and canals. After a visit to the ornate cathedrals, especially the Saviour on Spilled Blood (above) with its elaborate mosaics, step out to the backstreets at dusk along the beautiful canals and townhouses. You will find out why the city is called the ‘Venice of the North’.

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