Hunger management: Stemming colossal food waste

From advances in production, distribution and storage, to using technology to feed the needy, we look at some problems and work-arounds to resolve India’s food wastage problem
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Apr 15, 2017
Hunger management: Stemming colossal food waste

Image by : Alina Solovyova-Vincent / Getty Images (Image for illustrative purposes only)

The government this week indicated that it might make sense for restaurants to specify the size/ portions of food served in a dish, in a move to reduce wastage. We look at some of the ways food wastage occurs, and some of the steps that trusts and start-ups are taking to help take this food to the needy.

Restaurants often talk of their clients’ tendency to over-order and leaving much of it behind. On the other hand, consumers complain of restaurants’ reluctance to serve half-portions.

For instance, Delhi-based Ravikant Chopra, who takes his family out every week to the popular Mughlai and Punjabi restaurants on Pandara Road says this leads them to frequently wasting food as they can’t finish the dishes. A doggy bag is not a solution, he says, as most of the cream and yogurt heavy dishes don’t take well to reheating.

(Information sources for this slideshow: Food and Agriculture Organization, The Pioneer, Hindustan Times)