Into the fire: The alarming effects of climate change

Delhiwallas may have learnt to live with 43 degree heat, but Europe is wilting in the heat as a record heatwave continues to sweep across the northern hemisphere, causing forest fires, droughts and people to suffocate. Climate change is impacting what farmers can grow and what fishing boats can catch. As the planet gets warmer, some colder, northern regions in the world are benefiting from these changes, but the tropical and equatorial regions will be the worst hit
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Aug 16, 2018
Into the fire: The alarming effects of climate change

Image by : Lukasz Glowala/Agencja Gazeta/via Reuters

Long hours of sunlight and high water temperatures have created perfect conditions for toxic algae, seen on the beach in Gdynia, Poland. Poisonous to humans and animals, the algae interests scientists at the Polish Academy of Sciences' Oceanology Institute as the bloom contains a type of bacteria that could prove useful in the fight against microbial resistance.