Matters of the heart

Entrepreneurs on building enviable collections or fulfilling their passion amid the pressure of handling professional responsibilities
Curated By: Naini Thaker
Published: Nov 12, 2018
Matters of the heart

Image by : Amit Verma

"Our clothes or shoes are commodities which are strikingly visible; cufflinks are tiny things but they add equal or even more grace to the entire look. They create a look which is figuratively complete for the eyes and are a spice of garnish on a man’s confidence. With the kind of fancy that my heart is filled with for quirky cufflinks, I tend to pick up pairs from the most random places… from branded ones to anything that catches my attention. Whenever I am travelling or I come across something on the internet, I just buy it, without second thoughts. In fact, there are times when I design the quirkiest pairs for myself. That’s more fun, actually!"
-Saggar Mehra, Creative director, House of Sunil Mehra