Studded stars: World's most valuable soccer players

These star footballers - the most valuable players in the world today - have built their value by their actions on the field that spoke louder than words. Here’s a glimpse into their thoughts, in their own words
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jun 12, 2018
Studded stars: World's most valuable soccer players

Image by : Stuart Franklin - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images


1. Neymar. Brazil.
Valued at €180million

Neymar played a lot in the street, on the beach, and futsal was always a part his life since he was a boy. "I think futsal is essential for any player, because it makes you think very quickly, with short swerves and quick passing and shooting," he says. It was the pitch he began to compete and train on. “You always have to improve. From the time I was little, my father told me to finish a training session exhausted and that is what I do to this day”, he said in an interview to Acclaim online. “I always look for my father’s advice because he’s a wise person and someone who loves me 100 percent. As for the rest, the final decision isn't mine, but God’s.”

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