The selfie gene: Putting on our best face

There is an ongoing debate whether selfies represent a low point of modern-day culture or not. Jerry Saltz, the Pulitzer-winning art critic disagrees. He says, ‘selfies are our little diaries that say ‘I’m here, look at me’’. Whether one agrees or not seems irrelevant in the face of a statistic that’s worth obsessing about: Over one million selfies are posted on social media everyday. These images are proof that ease-of-use has quickened the narcissistic impulse in us. The recent - and ironic - response to this phenomenon is a pop-up museum in Los Angeles
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Apr 30, 2018
The selfie gene: Putting on our best face

Image by : Tiffany Rose

Visitors are taken by this clever twister of a ‘bathroom selfie’ exhibit at The Museum of Selfies pop-up in LA, which opened its doors in April. Everything seemingly mirrored in the bathroom is a result of careful placement of objects. There is no mirror. It's enough to induce a zen practitioner to contemplate the nature of a ‘Mirrored Self that Mirrors the Un-mirrored Other’! The Museum also offers interactive installations and a timeline of the history of selfies. Co-founder Tommy Honton hopes his visitors will be inspired to ‘click some cool selfies and have a laugh’.