The Top 10 Richest Indians in 2013

Curated By: Forbes India
Published: Oct 29, 2013
The Top 10 Richest Indians in 2013

Image by : Amit Verma

7. Shiv Nadar($8.6 billion)
Fortune up $3 billion for Shiv Nadar, cofounder of $6.3 billion (revenues) HCL Group, as shares of his software flagship HCL Technologies rose 80% from a year ago, helped in part by weak rupee, higher earnings and new clients. Among its notable customers are Boeing, Microsoft, Cisco and UBS. Nadar, who has not been involved in running the operations of the company for several years preferring instead to focus on strategy for the group and philanthropy, moves into top 10 for first time since 2004. Daughter Roshni,who is CEO of holding outfit HCL Corporation, was appointed to HCL Tech’s board in July as a nonexecutive director.