Who moved my office? Some popular co-working spaces in India

Co-working spaces are a sign of the times. Catering to the ever-changing workspace requirements of professionals, businesspeople and the now-ubiquitous startup, commercial workspaces are adapting fast and offering more than just flexible rents and free coffee
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jul 29, 2017
Who moved my office? Some popular co-working spaces in India

Image by : P Ravikumar for Forbes India


“We were recruiting women for our digital marketing agency,” recalls Vandhana Ramanathan, founder and CEO of WSquare, “and were amazed at the sheer number who had quit their jobs because they felt guilty about leaving their children behind.” They couldn’t work from home either, given the many interruptions. That spurred Vandhana and co-founder Jinal Patel to find a homey space—an independent two-floor house with a garden in a residential area—and launch WSquare, a women-only co-working space, in 2016. What they do differently: Run a concierge service that takes care of grocery shopping, home-cooked meal takeaways, on-call services like a beautician, a personal ‘me’ room and child care services. They also saw a disconnect between women who want to resume work after a long sabbatical and corporations looking to hire them; they are now developing a database to address this issue. WSquare aims to expand to 100 centres in South India over the next 18 months.