Viewing the world through the sketches of graphic artists

In the age of instant click-and-posts, these artist-travellers slow down to document their experiences
Curated by: Benu Joshi Routh
Published: Mar 7, 2017
Viewing the world through the sketches of graphic artists
Antima Nahar
Age: 39
Lives in: Goa, India
Favourite places: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia; Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua; Mexico; Peru; hiking in Norway; driving through Patagonia, Argentina.
Preferred technique: Pens, markers, on heavy-weight paper.
Occupation: I used to be a graphic designer, who grew up in Rajasthan, studied in London and ran a design studio in Mumbai. Now I’m a graphic designer who lives in Goa, illustrates and dreams of travelling the world and making a living through her travel journals.

Description of experience: While the two experiences I have shared through the illustrations here can inspire anyone, I’d like to narrate another one which highlights a different side of travel. A side most of us hate—airports! At the end of one of my travels, I was stuck in Bengaluru airport on a day when every flight was delayed indefinitely. Tempers were frayed, kids were crying—there was chaos everywhere. I could have easily been part of this chaos, but my doodle book came to my rescue. The noise, the anxiety and the hours just melted away in those pages only to be interrupted with a “last call for flight to Mumbai”. Just like that I knew that sometimes experiences make the doodle book and, at other times, the doodle book makes the experience.

Berlin: 2015
Berlin is a like an amazing warehouse: Every corner is crammed with history, art, music, design, nature and other details. A few days are not enough to explore it, unless you have a friend who is an insider and zips you around on her Vespa. And then you get this page:  1 Vespa, 2 girls and 100 awesome experiences.