Viewing the world through the sketches of graphic artists

In the age of instant click-and-posts, these artist-travellers slow down to document their experiences
Curated by: Benu Joshi Routh
Published: Mar 7, 2017
Viewing the world through the sketches of graphic artists
Kriti Monga
Age: 35
Lives in: New Delhi, India
Favourite Places to Travel: I travel without bias, but I do love going back to Paris, to the Provence region in southern France, and have recently fallen in love with Japan. I also love the excitement and sense of discovery in places foreign to me, like Mexico.

Preferred technique: While travelling I open myself to influences from my surroundings. For the sake of convenience and frugality in packing stationery (I’m quite a hoarder!) I lean most heavily on a set of fine-point pens and a small travel case of watercolours used along with a Pentel water brush. But I’ve also used black pencils, coloured pencils, brush-pens, neon and metallic pens, and so on, depending on the place I’m in and the lettering/art/visual influences I become inspired by. And I do a lot of lettering and calligraphy in a range of styles, of course.

Occupation: I own Turmeric Design, a studio that specialises in graphic and branding design, particularly for upscale hospitality and retail businesses. I also work as an illustrator and hand-lettering artist on commissions. I am a guest faculty member at India’s top design schools, and run workshops on calligraphy and working with type.

Il Santino, Florence, Italy: May 2016
I document meals on my travels, not only because it’s convenient to draw while sitting in a pretty space, but also because food has such significance while travelling. Local food discoveries become extra delightful. Meals shared with people, or eaten while soaking in the surroundings, feel like luxuries. This page is from an evening in Florence, last May, when I wandered into a tiny bar in an alley off the tourist map.