Beyond the pole: The real lives of pole dancers

Curated by: Forbes
Published: Jun 25, 2014
Beyond the pole: The real lives of pole dancers

Image by : Tomasz Gudzowaty


VANESSA with her husband and his brothers

It was considered adult entertainment, something strippers do late at night in bars. Now, pole dancing is becoming more acceptable: An increasingly popular form of fi tness, a way to spend leisure time, a performing art and a sport with a chance to even become an Olympic discipline. Numerous competitions are organised throughout the world to create opportunities for professionals to showcase their skills. This transition, however, is still evolutionary: The connections between pole dance and its sensual roots remain prominent and continue to create tension and negativity, especially within families. In these images, award-winning photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty juxtaposes the normalcy of family against the exotic nature of this dance form. Born in 1971 in Warsaw, he takes a keen interest in humanistic photography and the classic form of the blackand- white photo-essay. In recent years, he has been focussing on non-commercial sports; also those sports that are exotic, atypical or somehow outside the mainstream