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When dal prices were at peak, chicken demand did go up by around 5 percent

Updated: Mar 12, 2010 03:44:12 PM IST

This time last year, dal was an everyday staple for most families and chicken a distant dream. At Rs. 35 per kg for toor dal, and close to double that for poultry many cost-conscious diners chose the vegetarian option.


Illustration: Vidayanand Kamat

But now, at Rs. 73 per kg or more for toor dal, dal chawal is now almost as expensive a meal as butter chicken! The impact on the pulses has been real — analysts say there’s been a 6 to 8 percent drop in demand. So does that mean people are now feasting on chicken? When dal prices were at peak, chicken demand did go up by around 5 percent. But wait, the Broiler Coordination Committee say that increase means they may raise prices once again. And then that butter chicken will be a fantasy again. However, with harvest season near, toor dal prices could go down again.


Illustration: Vidayanand Kamat


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  • santosh kumar bhaskar

    This is really heartening anticipation regarding the price reduction of daal in India. This will certainly bring people back to vegetarian diets , which is made for humans.<br /> Seeing the staginflation, it seems its a long dream which is as far as horizon. Still hope for the best with fingers crossed!<br /> Hope never dies!

    on Mar 13, 2010
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