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Experience home theatre feel without the headache of multiple speaker

Published: Dec 13, 2010
Sound Logic

While tv screens are going slim, led and 3d, Bose’s very first display is plain lcd, quite thick and non-3d. Harakiri? Not exactly. The 46-inch full HD, wall-mountable screen hides a full-fledged surround-sound system; the home theatre experience without the headache of multiple speakers. The adaptiq tech recognises room size, shape, even furnishings to calibrate the sound, and you can switch the display off to enjoy your music. The media console is connected to the screen with a single cable, and power aside, this is all that you need. The Click Pad remote is childishly simple, without the conventional clutter of buttons, and it works with attached input devices. Say goodbye to multiple remotes, speaker setup hassles and wire jungles. The Bose VideoWave is the fuss-free home theatre.

Rs. 4,78,013,

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