N.S. Narendra: The Fire Fighter

N.S. Narendra of Firepro Systems defied fate and family to emerge market leader in the business arena he chose

Published: Apr 9, 2011
N.S. Narendra: The Fire Fighter
Image: Mallikarjun Katakol for Forbes India
N.S. Narendra, Chairman and managing director of Firepro Systems

Name: N.S. Narendra
Profile: Chairman and managing director of Firepro Systems
He Says: When trust goes down, your cost of living and your cost of doing business go up. While we can bridge the gap in safety and security, what do you do to bridge the trust gap?

For the elderly gentleman who had worked all his life at the Karnataka Electricity Board, where he had risen up the ranks to become a junior engineer, it was a moment of great disappointment. His 22-year-old son N.S. Narendra (Naren to his family), who had just finished engineering at Mysore’s National Institute of Engineering, had been selected for the Indian Army and was sent for his medical tests to Pune. But, without informing anyone, he had come back.

The family lived in Coorg, a land known for the valour of its men in uniform. For the next few days, the family had an embarrassing time explaining what had happened, and worse, what would their boy do now?

Naren was sent to a relative’s place in Chennai for guidance. The relative, A.D. Naniah, worked for Macneil and Magor and had asked the unsure young man what he wanted to do. Naren said he wanted to do something on his own. Naniah told him it would be better for him to work for some time and then, after getting some experience, consider such an option. He referred Naren to his Mumbai golf buddy, who worked for Minimax, a company in the business of fire engineering. “Join a sector that is about to take off, where nothing major exists today,” was his advice.

Naren listened to him and moved to Bangalore where he joined Minimax. The company sold fire extinguishers and alarm systems; there were few takers in a place like Bangalore, which was still dominated by large public sector undertakings. Naren was restless. After just a year-and-a-half there, armed with a loan of Rs. 25,000, he jumped into entrepreneurship with a friend. The business bombed. The family was shattered, again.  

Cut to 2011. N.S. Narendra is chairman of Firepro Systems, a leader in its sector, with 1,300 employees and a business of Rs. 700 crore. He dreams of building a billion dollar company by 2020. I want to know what happened between his first venture going up in smoke two decades ago and today.

“I wanted to start all over again and this time I wanted to do it by myself. Other than Minimax, there were no significant players. The sector was opening up. High rise buildings and large public spaces were coming up and the government started mandatory fire safety rules. Multinational companies started opening offices in India and they followed strict safety codes. But I did not want to be just another player. I wanted to build a great team that would be the best in design and system integration.”

But Naren had no money. This was when two angels arrived. Friend Pappee offered to pay the Rs. 1 lakh deposit to rent an office where Naren, an office boy and another friend’s girl-friend who joined as secretary, started the business. Then, Naren did the smartest thing an entrepreneur can do: He hired a salesman and printed him a box of business cards. The four hunkered down, picking up a deal here and a deal there.
One day, a man walked in asking for the salesman. “Our building secretary has sent me to bring with me someone named Ramesh,” he said. Ramesh, the salesman, had been cold calling the secretary of an upcoming residential complex, but had abandoned the prospect. Now the secretary was asking Naren to step in, and step up.
The gentleman was willing to try out the unknown outfit and though he wanted a lower price, he was sympathetic enough to offer better payment terms so that Naren could manage the cash flow. It was a Rs. 36 lakh job. From then on, it was one turn-key job after another. Friends and benefactors buoyed him, as did a banker — Krishnamurthy at the Canara Bank on M.G. Road in Bangalore — who told him that he was impressed with his dealings with the bank and offered to significantly increase the borrowing limit.

Naren built his business on a foundation of goodwill. “I trust people. I trust easily.”

But what do you do when people fail you? Renege on their word? Leave you in losses?

“That is inevitable. It is how our faith in trust is tested. We cannot simply give up when such things happen.”

I am fascinated with the equanimity of the 43-year-old who sits on a business that has attracted alliances with world leaders and built fire safety systems for the international airport in Mumbai, Formula 1 race tracks in Abu Dhabi, ITC’s best hotels in India, and countless facilities for companies such as Microsoft, Intel and Sun.  I have two more questions for him.

What is the one thing he wonders when he thinks of his clients?

“When trust goes down, your cost of living and your cost of doing business go up. While we can bridge the gap in safety and security, what do you do to bridge the trust gap?”

And, finally, what according to him is the most critical factor to withstand the singe of personal success when you build a great business organisation?

There is a moment of silence. Then in an unassuming voice, he tells me, “We must have the power to contain power.”

Subroto Bagchi is co-founder & gardener, MindTree and a best-selling author. His brief:  Every fortnight, exchange tales of the road with successful entrepreneurs

(This story appears in the 22 April, 2011 issue of Forbes India. You can buy our tablet version from Magzter.com. To visit our Archives, click here.)

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  • Nagarajan

    Hi I saw the firepro growth, whoever is archiving the turn over the next year they will increase 40-50%. This is the trumb rule of the business statergy in fire safety field. But firepro only achieved the 100% hike. This is not a easiest one, bse competitor are more as well as turn over value is huge nearly cr. 350. Firepro is the first company to offer the huge packages to his employees in this field as an Indian company. I expected the sir Muthana, Sir GK (a)G Krishnan, sir. Chandu etc.. contribution of achivement. Sir. GK created a fabulous work in firepro. Thanks.

    on Oct 22, 2015
  • Tarique Anwar

    Ya this is called Bussiness really i m 100% agree Mr Narendra what they says i m giving more respect to my boss actullay i m also ex- firepro systems employee worked for this company more than 5 year ,i m giving salute for him

    on Mar 20, 2012
  • Divya Madaiah Kandrathanda

    Im overwhelmed by reading about N.S.Narendra(Naru Anna) who is my uncle..it feels nice to see that you reach greater heights..im very proud of your achievement..i wish you best of luck for all your endeavours in the years to come...love you..

    on Oct 2, 2011
  • Somanna Uthappa

    Great to see a man from my place madikeri reach the success he has achieved..All the very best Naren for your dream to be a billion dollar company by 2020.

    on May 27, 2011
  • Anita Machaya

    A big name in the kodava community since couple of years, proud to know that we have one of the man with excellence in his field of business, doing well and also contributing to the social world with lots of cahritable work , but the man is high and mighty, quiet indispensable.

    on May 12, 2011
  • B.r.raghuveer

    I have seen FIREPRO Systems at almost every site where I have worked. I wish Naren the Best Of Luck for many many years to come.

    on Apr 18, 2011
  • Veena Balasundaram

    Proud to be your classmate and friend. Your story is an inspiration. Hope to see you climb higher and higher. Congratulations and all the best.

    on Apr 15, 2011
  • S.k.venkatram

    Hi Naren This is Venkatram your NIE friend who stayed in Room No. A31. Great to hear about your growth. God bless.

    on Apr 14, 2011
  • Raj

    Interesting article.The one thing I find intriguing is how your guests find their work-life balance. In such enterprises you are likely to need continuing commitment of > 150 % in this competitive world. I wonder if this could be probed as it could give practical suggestions for people who would like to be enterprising but prefer not for the sake of time and financial commitments for the family.

    on Apr 13, 2011
  • Arun Bandodkar

    Naren and me were classmates in Engineering. I am very proud of his achivement. Naren... wish you all the best.

    on Apr 13, 2011
  • Shashi Kumar

    I have worked with Naren for 5 years. He is a thorough gentleman and a professional. A person who tolerates mistakes, but never inactivity. Some of his thoughts on "faith in trust" are thought provoking. I believe trust always wins in the end. I have realised it.

    on Apr 12, 2011
  • Priyadarsi Panigrahi

    He is a real Entrepreneur who can reach any milestone .

    on Apr 12, 2011
  • Geetha

    Thank you for this lovely piece on Mr. Narendra which illustrates very clearly that credit and credibility share the same root origin, credo, meaning "I trust or believe."

    on Apr 12, 2011
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