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05 August, 2016

IndusInd Bank's success mantra: Plan. Execute. Repeat

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Podcast: India's Super 50 Companies
The Super 50 list of Indian public firms



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Super 50 Companies 2016

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  • Technology giants wage a trillion-dollar war for the Cloud

    As the data-intensive Internet of Things becomes a reality, the cloud is shaping up to be the biggest business opportunity in a generation, and Amazon, Microsoft and Google all want to claim the biggest slice

  • Bigbang theory: How K-Pop's top act earned $44 million in a year

    Bigbang, the first Korean act to land on our Celeb 100, pulled in $44 million this year, offering a window into the campy K-Pop genre—and a blueprint for making money on music anywhere in the world

  • Meet the new moguls of gaming

    Thanks to cellphones and the app store, there's a new way to monetise fame. Meet the new moguls of gaming: Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres and dozens of other bold-faced names have quickly created a $200 million cottage industry around mobile games

  • The company that has emerged as the biggest smart home player

    The house of the future is being sold in the most old-fashioned way imaginable: By pounding the pavement and working the phones. So why are some of Silicon Valley's sharpest investors suddenly interested?


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