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15 September, 2017

Critical for Infosys to be a company of innovators: Vishal Sikka

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Work in Progress

  • Deepak Fertilisers: On fertile ground

    Several setbacks and a failed acquisition attempt have only made Sailesh Mehta better equipped to take his company, Deepak Fertilisers, to the next level—from being a commodity-oriented firm to a consumer-driven one



Big Bet

Cross Border

  • Utah: Cloud's new capital

    Led by three unicorns eyeing an IPO, Utah is becoming as well-known for its cloud as for its mountains

  • Tom Siebel's second act

    A decade after Tom Siebel sold his first company to Oracle for $5.9 billion, his new company could be twice as valuable

  • Peugeot on the go

    After resurrecting the French carmaker Groupe PSA, Carlos Tavares is taking on the global giants by gambling on bleeding-edge manufacturing techniques and selling services that support other companies' cars

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