Home Works: A collection of the best home offices

A workspace at home is now a necessity. It's also a retreat from the informality of home to ease into work. After all, it's the space from where companies are run, growth plans envisioned, decisions taken and conveyed. Here, some of India's leading architects and designers showcase a study from their recent luxury residences
Published: Oct 1, 2021
Ritu Nanda Design
  • Home Works: A collection of the best home offices
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Ritu Nanda Design
Location: Assagao, Goa
“The large study table area with a comfortable aqua chaise lounge has plenty of light streaming in from both sides of the table. In essence, it is important for a home office to be more comfortable, less formal with an option to curl up or lie down on a sofa and relax between meetings. It gives you the facility to create an environment devoid of redundant strictures that are irrelevant to the new way of running one’s professional life.”