Au revoir Cannes: India shines bright

The 75th prestigious Cannes Film Festival took place from May 17 to May 28. Every year, the French Riviera hosts the biggest stars across the globe, and screens multiple films. Indian cinema has had a long running association with it since since 1946 when Chetan Anand's Neecha Nagar won the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film. This year, India became the first country to be named the 'Country of Honor' at the Cannes Film Market and six Indian Films were screened. A few photographs reflecting the country's journey
Curated By: Harshita Sethia
Published: May 29, 2022
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Image by : Stephane Mahe/ REUTERS

  • Au revoir Cannes: India shines bright
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The documentary All That Breathes won the L'OEil d'Or award. Director Shaunak Sen (third from left), seen here with cast members Nadeem Shehzad, Salik Rehmanand Mohammad Saud. The documentary, based in New Delhi, is the story of two brothers who have spent the past 20 years saving black kites. The film has previously received the world cinema grand jury prize at the Sundance film festival.