PHOTOS: How a pandemic changed everything for these students

A streetdweller takes it upon herself to homeschool her grandchildren; six year olds learn to take care of themselves—school's out, but there's a lot yet to be learned
Published: Jul 11, 2020

Image by : Mexy Xavier

  • PHOTOS: How a pandemic changed everything for these students
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Mumbai: Meena and her grandchildren

Meena has been a street dweller for a couple of years now. When she was a child, her mother left the family, and they began living on the streets. Her father, however, ensured that she got a decent education. Meena now lives with her husband Rustom, son and three grandchildren on Chowpatty Beach. A hawker and the sole breadwinner of the family, she ensures her grandchildren go to school. But as schools close because of the pandemic, and with no access to online learning, Meena has taken it upon herself to educate her grandchildren. She sits with them for a couple of hours every evening, without fail, and teaches them as much as she knows.