World Photography Day: A symphony of birds

On World Photography Day, glimpse at this collection of birds clicked by Dipesh Kaura, General Manager - South Asia at Kaspersky. This is part one of a series of photo essays clicked by avid photographers who have a day corporate job
Curated By: Mexy Xavier
Published: Aug 19, 2021
Tickell blue flycatcher

Image by : Dipesh Kaura

  • World Photography Day: A symphony of birds
  • Canary Flycatcher
  • Black Naped Monarch
  • Tickell blue flycatcher
  • 5
  • Yellow Bulbul
  • Serpent eagle
  • Lawping
  • Purple Swamphen
  • Rudyshell duck flying
  • Seagull
  • Nalsarovar Morning Glory

Tickell’s blue fly catcher, a boldly coloured forager is a favourite of birders for its attractive plumage. A small perching bird which is blue on the upperparts, and the throat and breast are a reddish brown. Tickell's blue flycatcher is about 12cm in size and breeds in the dry forest, scrubs, bamboo and gardens.