World Sleep Day: How we sleep

From a protester sleeping on a road in Myanmar to sleeping pods in Germany, a compilation of how we sleep as a pandemic tore through the world
Published: Mar 19, 2021
Nokdo island

Image by : Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters

  • World Sleep Day: How we sleep
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Lyoo Chan-hee, 10, his younger sister Lyoo Chae-hee, 7, and Lyoo Ye-hee, 3, get ready to go to sleep at their home on Nokdo island in Boryeong, South Korea, March 1, 2021. "Seoul is so crowded, noisy and the air is not good," said Chan-hee. "Nokdo has no traffic, isn't noisy and the air is clean. I can play outside more actively, so I like it here."