Rooms that tell tales of its inhabitants

It took a pandemic to drive us indoors, and an elegant room could charm you into staying in. Excerpts from Phaidon's best-selling Interiors: 'The Greatest Rooms of the Century', which is not just about people who care about spaces in which they live, it is also about spaces that speak of how these people live
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Oct 10, 2020
2.270 Lutyens

Image by : Courtesy of Ashleigh Wigley

  • Rooms that tell tales of its inhabitants
  • 2.270 Lutyens
  • 3.390 Studio MK27
  • 4.243 Klein
  • 5.375 Showers
  • 6.212 Hicks
  • 7.417 Wolf
  • 8.284 Minassian

Sir Edwin Lutyens, Little Thakeham, for Ernest Blackburn, drawing room, near Storrington, West Sussex, England, UK, completed in 1902