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Achieving a Tech- Life improvement

We all have heard the term Artificial intelligence by now. In fact, the presence of AI could be seen in all corners of our daily lives.

Published: May 18, 2020 12:29:22 PM IST
Updated: May 18, 2020 04:47:05 PM IST

Achieving a Tech- Life improvement

AI:Technology in our environment

We all have heard the term Artificial intelligence by now. In fact, the presence of AI could be seen in all corners of our daily lives. 

Some may argue with all the tech and innovation capacity, how come we haven’t yet seen gadgets and flying cars like a sci-fi movie.  Though we could say the tech industry have not yet reached the level of surpassing the “General” stage, perhaps the right question is what is the probable future and how do we coexist.

Kimihiro Nakamura who is leading the IoT promotion and its division at Nikken Sekkei Ltd, a known architectural, planning and engineering firm shared with us.

“While there are aloft of concerns regarding the topic of AI especially from tech giants, I think if it makes the person happy is an important perspective and idea to acknowledge”.

In 2010 graduating from Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Electrical, Information and Biotechnology. Kimihiro from early on pursued the understanding of how humanity can coexist with the technology revolution and he is one of the few who are working towards enabling hi tech for cities and architecture designs as well as proposing innovation for buildings and electrical equipments.

“Thinking and quantifying people's well-being and with that utilizing tech for designs of spaces as well as environment are one of the roles designers carry.

Although virtual spaces utilizing VR will be a growing category, our biggest social contribution may be the pursuit of how we could establish a real environment that are much more better than the virtual space.”

AGI: the future of the city, Artificial Intelligence and trends

In case you are wondering how you can prepare for ongoing tech revolution as a developer, the thought of keeping up with state-of-the-art ML solution experienced developers are creating is certainty a hard task for any beginners to accomplish.

Each year we see introduction of new methods of machine learning trend that allow better performance compared to other methods or allow engineers to utilize deep learning in new areas.

Back in 2017, a test was conducted revealing the IQ points of publicly available ANI, Google AI and Siri. The IQ points of our assistant application scored 47 IQ points which is a level of a 6 year old child.

These assistant application however is acknowledged to be least developed types of AI.  How intelligent can they become?

According to “before singularity” written by Kimihiro Nakamura,

“I think that before the arrival singularity, it is necessary for people to study and rethink the definition of a human being as the living creature. To collectively  go back to the reason we created and improved technology in the first place ”, which points to the idea that our path leads to a highly complex future.

Kimihiro continues

“One thing im researching as a professional as to contribute to innovation towards one’s happiness” is the possibility of quantitatively measuring individuals happiness while improving the convenience and comfort of building facilities and environment through sensors that convert building into location information and vital data.

The data could then be handled to a software company to further process for analyze. The field of People Analytics could be highly improved and could result to the improvement of how companies can serve individuals with better quality.

The now and society

Health sector, Agriculture, Distribution system ,City land scape, so on and so forth.

All now ready to be improved by developers and architect. While the industry is working to enable the solution, it is indeed important for each individual to study beyond “Can we control it without being controlled?” That may be the way we could together step towards achieving tech-life balance.

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