An inspiring story of Kidhanma and his book 'How to be a Unicorn'

He is launching a Podcast show on his official YouTube channel to disseminate the message of his well-known book

Published: Dec 3, 2020 03:23:44 PM IST
Updated: Dec 4, 2020 04:47:25 PM IST

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Kidhanma, the writer of ‘How to be a Unicorn,’ knows that any literary journey isn’t easy. He had also experienced a lot of turbulence in his life before establishing himself as a writer.

Kidhanma’s life journey has several twists and turns. Born in 1993, in Darmstadt, Germany, Armin Mokhtarinejad used a pen name Kidhanma for literary purposes. He spent most of his life in Germany, but he and his parents came to Germany from Iran with a hope to get a better life and opportunities for success.

Today, Kidhanma has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram with several people looking up to him as a source of inspiration. He is launching a Podcast show on his official YouTube channel to disseminate the message of his well-known book ‘How to be a Unicorn.’

The first episode of the show is likely to go live in December 2020. The show will feature several guests and famous personalities who accomplished success though by following unconventional routes in their lives.

Kidhanma graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, but he had developed a philosophical mindset to unravel the mysteries of life during his college days. During those days, he delved deep into self-retrospection mode to understand what was his hidden passion, what did he truly want to achieve in life and how can he fulfil that?

His parents worked hard to get him quality education so completed his graduation first without dropping out from the formal education. Then he joined a company with a lucrative salary package and other amenities.

Somehow materialistic pleasure didn’t give him much happiness and he wanted to do something that could give him inner satisfaction. And thus, he plunged into the world of creativity.

Initially, he worked as a website designer and video creator making ample use of his passion for music, writing and photography. Soon, his interest in writing transcended all over and he started writing a book. The rest is history as it paved the way for his well-known book, ‘How to be a Unicorn,’ to release. Soon, it became a huge success!

The book is all about self-love, passion, and identity. It teaches us why we should pursue our hobbies, passions, and interest wholeheartedly to develop a “Unicorn Mindset.”

The book directly connects with the readers and young audience while helping them in taking a big career-related decision in their lives.

To follow his journey on Instagram:

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