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And what you expect will happen

Elias Pape, Leader & High Achiever, invariably inspires people to succeed

Published: Jan 15, 2021 05:47:02 PM IST
Updated: Jan 18, 2021 12:52:23 PM IST

And what you expect will happen
And what you expect will happen!

These words create goose bumps as Elias Pape, 53, visionary and High Achiever says them to the camera during an interview. He's the kind of man who walks into the room and makes you wonder who exactly this person is. He makes you curious. His charisma exudes magic, but also power and energy. Just like that.

Growing up as a boy in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall, in the prime of real existing socialism, can only mean one thing: learning a solid profession, working in that job, starting a family and letting time pass. There's not really much room for dreams, for status and luxury. Statistically, he didn't have a chance either, but meeting Elias today, it shows once again that it is possible to break the cycle, to swim against the tide, to be successful, that is, reach great heights of success with leadership and thus move on to the goal of geographic and financial freedom.

30 years in sales, plenty of people can do that - but Elias Pape has built a team worldwide in the last 4 years that has generated over €120 million in revenue. To be exact, 190,000 partners in over 100 countries, including the fastest growing team in India. As the most successful leader, he has played a decisive role in turning a start-up into a multi-million dollar company.

The offered technology products based on Blockchain, gives its customers the possibility to be rewarded with new tokens from Blockchain via the so-called STAKING, i.e. the temporary storage of crypto tokens with up to 30% p.a.. If these then increase in value further opportunities arise. Many experts agree that blockchain technology will change the world in a similar way to how the Internet did 25 years ago, and the all-time high in Bitcoin that we are currently seeing is just the beginning. Elias Pape's long-term goal is not only to break through the billion-dollar sales barrier, but also to unite a million sales partners in his GALAXY TEAM, because the potential of this technology is almost infinite. Those who start today with Elias Pape can harvest success, due to everything being technologically ready.

His talent to inspire people for business, to motivate, educate and work closely with his followers and team, has inspired thousands of leaders worldwide to follow his path. He takes his partners with him on his journey of success to encourage them to also break out of routine and join him on his path. The closeness to Elias is felt by every individual. Regardless of religion, purchasing power, education or faith, he can and will walk the path of success with everyone. At his worldwide team events, he speaks personally to the partners and it becomes clear to him, that everyone is really pursuing the same goal - to create a better life for himself and for his family. There is a momentum that is unstoppable. This energy and dynamic paired with his work make him incredibly happy.

This man is not afraid of a challenge and sets himself new goals every day. The list is long. One of his future projects will take place in Madagascar, where he will provide a better living infrastructure in the south of the island and give the people there a better chance for the future. As a strong-willed and incredibly grateful person, he can only pay tribute to his success by doing good and useful things for and with other people. His charity projects are very close to his heart.

Elias has many titles: Visionary, High Achiever, Philanthropist, Double Platinum Diamond, but also father and husband. Family is absolutely paramount to Elias. His wife Susann contributes a great deal to each and every title. It is cardinal to have a safe haven in such an exciting life, with appointments all over the world and a disciplined daily work routine. As a new Maltese, Elias and his family moved from Germany to the Mediterranean island of Malta. There his Elpadorado Media Production is taking off and also the Network Academy will find its home there. You can sense while Elias talks about his plans and about the future that he is fearless. A modern warrior. All his interesting and important projects always lead to one result: It has to bring other people further and with that at best also him!

The insights are deeply personal, he shares examples of adversity, discipline and focus to overcome life's biggest obstacles. He believes that if you follow your dreams, visualize your goals for yourself, you can achieve anything, at least always more than others give you credit for. And if you then close your eyes and think about it, he is right.

It all sounds so simple, "it is" - Elias would probably say now. There is always a formula or recipe for achieving one's goals. For Elias, acknowledgement is the strongest ingredient to put his team on the road to success. On top of that, there is great confidence in the ability and technology that goes with it. Again, this develops a dynamic that is hard to put into words. Acknowledgement and trust, find a powerful place in Elias' business life as a matter of course.

He has not always been a radiant star, because even his list of bad experiences, pain and failure is long. But it is the suffering, the pain, the failure he turns into a positive force, which is absorbed by the dynamics. Here Elias Pape stands, conquering cities, countries and galaxies, on behalf of all those who have been foretold a miserable life.

We can really be grateful that his mother decided, against all odds, to bring her child into the world  in 1966, as a single mother with no prospects. Listening to this, you can certainly imagine that resilience has been the driving force in Elias Pape´s life, to set out on the great path and to create something great and valuable. Explore more about Elias Papes goals and advises and click: Elias Pape about - his Goals ! his Advises ! his Life ! his Supporters ! - YouTube

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