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Artificial Intelligence: Technology of the future

Artificial Intelligence is going to be the future for all the technologies being developed

Published: May 14, 2020 01:21:37 PM IST
Updated: May 14, 2020 05:04:01 PM IST

Artificial Intelligence: Technology of the future

In the current scenario, COVID-19 doesn’t seem to have an end as this virus does not discriminate based on caste and creed. This pandemic situation has brought the world to a standstill and forced the plans of every individual to be rethought in a different dimension altogether concerning the new economic crisis that can be visualized by the experts.

We have always observed how things get outmoded with time and in the case of technology, it is even at a rapid rate. Keeping this theory in mind everyone is afraid about the changes in technology that will take place post the pandemic bringing concern in various fields. The effect is going to be massive and long-lasting, but we need to learn a lot of things with the current situation and be ready for any kind of further circumstances impacting the lives and bringing it to a standstill.

As human beings are learning, machines also need to be more advanced to understand these situations and react early and alert us for the upcoming catastrophes. Artificial Intelligence also termed as self-learning mechanism for the machines needs enormous advancement to make them future-ready. At present, the AI is evident in the areas of Healthcare, Automotive, Cybersecurity, Video games, Military operations etc.

Speaking with Safura Begum, CEO of Inventateq, he mentioned that Artificial Intelligence is going to be the future for all the technologies being developed. Describing in detail on the topic he mentioned cited the role of AI in the healthcare industry. The innovation of technology in the medical field has helped the researchers identify the diverse methods of treatment more rapidly. It has also helped in doing the research work at a faster rate and achieve the results with supreme accuracy than those testing without AI. He seemed to have complete conviction in the Doctors and researcher’s that the pandemic situation will be controlled soon and everything will get back on track. Further, he mentioned that the healthcare industry that he can visualize today wouldn’t have been possible without the intervention of AI in the sector.

Speaking on the advancement of artificial intelligence in the specific sector, he said that there is always a room for the new invention and hopefully in the coming years we will experience the AI in a new way where it will be able to detect the syndrome at a very primary stage, along with the cure and prevention at the first place so that we will never see this kind of situation in the future ever again. He also mentioned about the use of AI to identify the potential threat (the carriers of the virus) of COVID-19 that has been undertaken by Google and Apple by tracking the movements of the infected publics, which is possible with the history of map location, thus it will play an important role in detecting the spread of the virus.

When asked about the loss due to COVID-19, he mentioned his grief and said that education is the key to success and with education and its advancement we can recover the losses except for the life of human beings lost. Taking the conversation to the next level, Safura mentioned that we need to analyze what we need to learn and unlearn at the first place. The time that we lost will not return, so we must prioritize our learning curve and focus on the same. He added that the new requirements that the industry is going to have are very much important and needs to be considered by the individuals before taking up any course.

The current trends are indicating that there will be survival for the fittest, it is very much necessary to analyze our core strength and act accordingly to fit in the market. AI is going to play an important role in the course design and its delivery in the future. As the scenario has changed due to lockdown and there has been a halt in almost all the industry, there is going to be a hunger for education so that the people will try to outcast others in all possible ways. In this scenario, everyone must be very careful while choosing any stream for their education.

Talking about the national level of education and its impact, Safura Begum mentioned that Artificial Intelligence is going to play a very important role in understanding the needs of the students. When there is less time, the important and urgent graph needs to be plotted properly so that everyone gets the benefit. The plotting for the country like India needs to be very much accurate otherwise the consequences can be different.

Finally, he mentioned about his meetings with the Inventateq team and the mentors, to understand the industrial changes due to the pandemic situation. He said that they are working closely with the industrial experts to re-engineer the Data Science Courses being offered with them so that it can help in shaping the future of the country. He further added do not panic in the current situation. The world is standing on the same page, the most important thing is to safeguard ourselves and our family in the first place. This is a dark day and the sun will rise again to bring happiness in us. If we stand together in the situation and support the government we can defeat the deadly virus COVID-19.

He also thanked all the medical staffs and others who are fighting the situation directly in the field and said that we must support them by staying at home and not violating any government rules by becoming the prey of any wrongful message and check every information that comes to you with the help of authenticated websites and news channels.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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