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Bringing together the best people to achieve the best results for clients

Our client-first approach ensures that we are available when needed and flexible as appropriate

Published: Dec 3, 2020 05:14:28 PM IST
Updated: Dec 10, 2020 07:20:37 PM IST


Bringing together the best people to achieve the best results for clients
Vineet Aneja was always toying with the idea to go independent and start his own firm to have the independence to take decisions his way. One fine morning, over coffee, with friends/acquaintances, the thought of implementation came to mind and months’ later birth of the firm took place. While working with other law firms, Vineet felt that there were many decisions that were not taken or delayed by virtue of having to go through the corporate hierarchy or structure that were affecting his output. Seeing the hierarchical structure, he had decided that in his own firm he will conduct matters in a more transparent manner and appreciate everyone’s opinion.

All these factors led him to start Clasis Law in 2010. They started with a small office and a handful of clients and today they can boast of a plush office and a flourishing practice with many Fortune 500 companies as their clients.

The strength of their firm lies in the availability, determination and ability of their lawyers to move projects forward with a focus to provide end-to-end services to clients. They try to anticipate impending issues in transactions or opportunities from which their clients could benefit and offer seamless legal advice customized to the client’s needs. The goal of the firm is to ensure that the firm is the preferred legal service provider bringing together the best people to achieve the best results for clients.

A recent example of working tirelessly towards our vision and a big feather in our cap has been the jump in the RSG Consulting Rankings (biennial) from the 31st spot in 2017 to the 24th spot in December 2019. This proves the fact that when you have a vision and a will to succeed, even a mid-size firm like ours can reach greater heights.

Putting the interests of their clients first

The nucleus of the firm is its clients who are at the heart of how they work which is the reason why they put the interests of their clients first. They invest in understanding their client’s business, their operating context, the opportunities and the challenges they face and anticipate what issues they will face next, which helps Clasis Law adapt to the changes and provide the clients with the very best people, processes and solutions.

Vineet’s professional journey, as a lawyer, began nearly 24 years ago. He has worked with leading law firms and became a partner after 8 years of practice. Having reached the pinnacle of success in a leading law firm in India, he started Clasis Law in 2010 along with 3 lawyers. In a decade’s time, the firm has advised various clients from across the globe on their requirement spread across various practice areas. He has a plethora of experience across sectors such as corporate commercial, retail, hospitality, employment, e-commerce, education, healthcare, aviation, white-collar, etc. “Further, I have developed a keen interest in two relatively new practice areas - data privacy and white collar”, Vineet asserts.  Vineet has provided specialized transactional and advisory services across sectors, covering diverse areas including:

•   Joint ventures and strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions including private equity, venture capital, business transfers, disposals and combinations of businesses, buy-outs, carve-outs, restructuring, divestment, etc.;

•   General corporate advisory in relation to day to day matters, advice and assistance in setting up and running a business in India including the issues relating to foreign exchange laws of India;

•   Advice and assistance on the exit options; advising on viable modes of structuring of the deal, from a regulatory and exchange control perspective;

•   Advising clients on the applicability of various employment laws in India, both Central and State level legislations; guidance in employment termination/ downsizing.

Desire to move out of comfort zone and become an entrepreneur

 The circumstances that led Vineet to go independent were the desire to move out of his comfort zone and to become an entrepreneur. However, things have not always been hunky dory since he became an entrepreneur. There have been many difficult and trying times, such as the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. However, he has always remembered to keep his chin up and move forward steadfastly.

His journey, as a lawyer, began from the proverbial bottom of the pyramid with only one thought in mind that “there is no substitute to hard word”. Some of the challenges faced by him in the course of his career are running a business and practicing law at the same time, surviving unhealthy competition, having less time in a day to meet the needs of clients, lack of resources, difficult clients to contend with, stress and pressure to achieve targets and deliver results.

The greatest factor for his success is hard work and diligence. The other important factor is having impeccable professional integrity. When a client knows that its lawyer’s professional integrity and ethics are unassailable that is when it rewards you with its trust and where there is trust there is no dearth of good work.

Perseverance and the dedication to excel are the two main factors that have brought him this far. Persistence coupled with maintaining the quality of work has resulted in a trail of satisfied clients, in turn, helping the firm steadily gain traction and grow tremendously in a span of ten years. Today, the firm has a growing patronage of clients - old and new. The firm also attracts the best talent from both Indian and global universities making it a vibrant and diverse place to work.

“I feel spending quality time with my family, going on vacations and listening to music are my interests outside of law. I also like to read autobiographies and catch a show on Netflix/Amazon as and when possible”, Vineet says while talking about his outside interests.

Work is important but at the same it is important to remain healthy and fit to work effectively. “Given the current situation and keeping the outbreak of COVID-19 in mind and the manner in which it has affected several countries and the global economy, my advice would be to take each day as it comes and recalibrate and have measures in place to counter these extraordinary times”, says Vineet.

It is important to hang in there and tide through this tough time that the world is witnessing. Like John F. Kennedy once said, when written in Chinese the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity – thus it is dependent on us and how we look at the situation that will shape our future!

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