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Dimple Mehta's 24 years of glorious journey in the fashion industry

Some of her notable achievements include grooming and mentoring Miss Universe India, 2020, Adline castoline and Miss Universe India 2018, Nehal Chudasama

Published: Aug 11, 2020 12:55:07 PM IST

Dimple Mehta's 24 years of glorious journey in the fashion industry

In 1996, Dimple Mehta started her journey in the fashion industry. From starting with bridal outfits to having a successful collaborated fashion line called Dimple Amrin, she has reached great heights. Along with such an immense growth, she has worked with many prominent personalities and celebs in the fashion industry.

Some of her notable achievements include grooming and mentoring Miss Universe India, 2020, Adline castoline and Miss Universe India 2018, Nehal Chudasama. At BFW, she got to show her design to the world with Showstopper, Sana Khan. Recently, Dimple also produced the music videos for Yaadein and Aaja Mere Naal.

In an interview, Dimple Mehta talked about fashion industry, what has changed in trends and style in these 24 years and fashion changes Post pandemic. Read it below.

When did you realize you have it in you to be a part of the fashion industry?

I realized that I had a liking for the fashion industry when I was 16 as that was when I started to explore my fascination for textiles. Later, I recall designing outfits and having them made for myself and my family and this brought immense joy to my life as I saw people appreciate the quality and creativity of my design creations. I have always loved traveling and understanding the culture of different parts of the world and I used this passion to collect fabrics and accessories from all the places I had visited and put together these souvenirs to create unique garment designs. When I was 22, I had my first child and I used my eye for fashion to design my daughter’s cot, wardrobe, stroller and even her blankets. This made me understand that fashion has no boundaries and my sense of creativity could be used not only for garments but also for soft furnishings and accessories.


You started with bridal designs and that's something keeps changing with time. How do you make sure you catch up with the trend?

Fashion definitely changes with time. However, I also believe that it’s extremely cyclical as trends keep reappearing. I always keep in mind that one size does not fit all and my clients’ preferences and body structures vary and so each of my bridal designs are custom-made based on the client’s preference and my perspective based on trends and their personality.


Dimple Amrin is quite a popular brand. How do you maintain the balance to keep give western touch to your clothes and at the same time, appealing to every desi buyer?

I was born and raised in London, lived in Belgium for 28 years and India for 12 years. These multi-cultural experiences have absolutely broadened my horizon and helped me merge the western cuts and fits with the Indian craftsmanship. In a way, my designs are a clear depiction of my background highlighting the Indo-western style. My designs appeal to Indian-origin buyers as a result of the master craftsmanship from India amalgamated with exclusive fabrics from different parts of the world and this makes my designs unconventional and progressive.


A lot of things in the fashion industry change with a blink of an eye, especially in today's time with so many opportunities and talents around. What's one thing or more you think haven't changed at all?

In 2007, I hosted a fashion show in Belgium with my team called “Fashion for a Cause”. I invited an auctioneer from the USA and collaborated with the renowned fashion designer, Manish Malhotra. The funds from this event supported a social enterprise named The Jaipur Foot and financed a clinic in India with the help of Ashwini Kumar called The Antwerp Medical Center at Sasupada run by the Bhakti Vedanta Hospital. Similarly, in 2018 I used fashion in order to support individuals that were less privileged. I started grooming and mentoring women who dreamt of participating in the Miss Universe India pageant (Miss Diva India). I used my sense of fashion and grooming skills to help two young ladies achieve their dream of acquiring the status of Miss Universe India (Nehal Chudasama in 2018, and Adline Castellino in 2020). Throughout these years, I have used fashion to help less privileged and talented individuals to achieve their goals and live a fulfilled life and that has always been a constant in my experience in the fashion industry.


You have been in the fashion design industry since 1996. A lot has changed in 24 years. How much has it helped you grow? What have been your best moments in these years?

I have commercially been in the fashion industry since 2011 prior to that I was designing solely for my family and friends. Ever since I started designing in 1996, I noticed vast changes in the industry. Becoming aware of differences in European and Indian fashion made me grow considerably. I noticed in Europe, people followed trends, color-schemes, seasonal collections and silhouettes. Whereas, in India, each designer is known for their own style, color-palette, fabric and craftsmanship. I used this knowledge to create bespoke garments for international fashion shows (New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Arab Fashion Week and Bangalore Fashion Week).


I guess my best moment in these years is the place where I have reached today. Under one roof I have Indian and western wear, ready-to-wear garments and bridal collections and I am able sell attire to individuals from high society but also use these garments to support individuals from humble backgrounds and help them achieve their dreams.


How would you describe your personal style? How would you describe Dimple Amrin's fashion?

My personal style always has a touch of elegance whether it be in casual or formal wear. Dimple Amrin reflects the styling and cuts of western wear in the categories of pret, couture and bespoke. Our signature ‘Bridal Wear’ collection features a stunning line-up of creations impactful enough to create a perfect mélange of luxurious creations comprising Georgette, Chikankari, Pita work and of course a beautiful blend of the ubiquitous Resham and Zardosi artistry. Each creation thus, aptly reflects a vibrant mix of a traditional as well as contemporary blend.

Post pandemic, people will expect change in almost everything in life. Also, comfort wearing has been a habit to all in these past few months. How will you approach customers after things go back to normal?

Post pandemic there will be a great deal of change. I hope to conduct my sales through an online platform on a custom-made and order basis so it’s safer and more accessible for my clients. In addition, I am planning to make my designs more cost-effective barring the wedding collection. There will be a customized service for my clients, where I will consult them digitally and include home-delivery.

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