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Find your edge at Facebook's 'Grow Your Business' SUMMIT

If there is one piece of advice that every entrepreneur will agree on, it is that a fire business plan is nothing without the right kind of tools to give it the reach it deserves

Published: Nov 8, 2021 11:49:17 AM IST
Updated: Nov 8, 2021 01:52:50 PM IST

Find your edge at Facebook's 'Grow Your Business' SUMMIT

In today’s age where, thanks to the incredible power of social media, all business ideas can find an audience not just in India, but also globally. It is no surprise then that Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are absolutely quintessential to a brand’s growth in this digital era.  
However, with all the different kinds of businesses already out there and new ones constantly emerging, the competition to have your marketing game on point is on. So, how can you beat them to the chase?
By finding your edge through Facebook’s Grow Your Business Summit– that’s how.  
Slated to take place on the 9th of November 2021, the first edition of Grow Your Business features successful entrepreneurs telling their business growth stories in the digital space. The event will be divided into five sessions, each featuring industry titans in their own right.  
The first session will be focused on firing up that entrepreneurial zing in you. The panel will feature Mr. Ajit Mohan, Vice President & Managing Director at Facebook India, along with Satyajit and Ajinkya Hange of Two Brothers Organic Farm. Their tales of how digital tools have helped them achieve exponential customer growth are ones that are sure to get you excited about all the opportunities that lay in store.  
The second session expands on the note-worthy takeaways from the first, where Archana Vohra, Director of Small & Medium Business at Facebook India, will be joined by a diverse group of business owners who have carved their own niches in the digital landscape by achieving ambitious growth in their businesses. Vedang Patel, Founder of The Souled Store, Aarti Gill, Co-Founder & CEO at OZiva, Sonakshi Nathani, Co-founder of Bikayi, and Chakradhar Gade, Co-founder of Country Delight, comprise the promising panel of creative business brains for this session.
The third session is the one where you actually get the support you need – in the best way possible. Find out how Facebook’s myriad custom business solutions will help you achieve the growth you are after. The topics of skilling, ecosystem development and financial support will be explored and broken down by none other than the Director & Head of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook India - Sandeep Bhushan. For a business looking to expand its digital territory, there can assuredly be no better person to hear from. Joining him on this empowering symposium will be Saloni Anand, Founder of Traya, along with Hoofrish and Chetan Krishna Murthy, Co-founders of Gifts of Love.  
The session that follows will be the one to look out for, especially for those who are on the ledge about whether their business could ever have the potential to take off.  
If this were an Instagram Story’s poll tool, you best believe that the answer would be a 100% yes. Facebook’s number of potential customers reaches into the billions. So no matter your beginnings, Facebook’s got your back. Leading this talk will be Avinash Pant, Director of Marketing at Facebook India and will also feature Chitresh Sinha, Founder of the Plated Project.  
The final session will see the return of Archana Vohra, Director of Small & Medium Business at Facebook India. She will touch upon the various support initiatives that Facebook has taken upon itself to foster the community’s growth.  
The registrations for Facebook’s Grow Your Business Summit are open.

The website also features awesome success stories and training sessions that you can binge on in the days leading up to 9th of November 2021.  
So, what are you waiting for? #GetYourGrowthOn at the first edition of Facebook’s Grow Your Business Summit – it’s where all the cool entrepreneurs will be.  

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