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Here is why having a Credit Card makes sense

The days of carrying wads of cash while going shopping, travelling, fine dining or for entertainment are long gone. Over the last few years, there has been a steady transition towards cashless payment modes.

Published: Aug 20, 2021 03:47:33 PM IST
Updated: Aug 20, 2021 05:30:35 PM IST

Here is why having a Credit Card makes sense

The days of carrying wads of cash while going shopping, travelling, fine dining or for entertainment are long gone. Over the last few years, there has been a steady transition towards cashless payment modes. And this trend got a further boost during the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital payments market, which was valued at Rs 1,638 trillion in FY 2019, is expected to grow to Rs 4,323 trillion by FY 2024. This reflects a compounded annual growth rate of about 22 per cent, a remarkable feat.

And in this era of electronic payments, credit cards have become on-the-go spending companions that offer convenience, safety and simplicity, along with an array of benefits, including discounts and rewards every time you shop. As a result, the demand for new credit cards – which is one of the most preferred and secure modes of cashless payments – has seen a steep rise.

Credit Cards for every reason and every season
Over the past couple of decades, the credit card space has evolved to meet the unique needs of a spectrum of consumers, with a variety of attractive features and special privileges. For the everyday spender, there are cards that offer attractive reward benefits on purchases at grocery or departmental stores and on various other day-to-day expenditures. For those more inclined to shop online, there are cards that come with gift vouchers and subscriptions to popular web stores and e-services. For those who need to drive around a lot, there are cards that offer reward points for fuel purchases from specific vendors and fuel surcharge waivers on these transactions. The list goes on. Essentially, credit card issuers have been adapting their offerings to suit the lifestyles of all types of people.

A credit card also allows for the flexibility to travel with ease without having to carry cash, even if you are out of your city or country. Having a credit card can also help you with any urgent requirement for funds, like in case of a medical emergency. You can simply settle your bills using your credit card and do not have to worry about arranging funds when you are in the hospital.

Single-destination for the perfect fit
Taking convenience and delight a step further, Finserv MARKETS, an exclusive online supermarket for financial products, has partnered with some of the leading credit card companies in the country to offer its customers a broad choice of credit cards at a single place. With tie-ups with prestigious partners like Axis Bank, SBI Card, RBL and Citi, Finserv MARKETS offers to you the opportunity to compare and choose from a wide array of credit cards on the basis of clearly listed features and user reviews.

Apart from making it extremely easy to apply for credit cards like RBL credit card and SBI credit card, the online financial marketplace provides all the information needed regarding these cards, such as features, benefits, fees, latest offers, etc. along with a built-in sorting option that makes comparison and choosing much simpler and convenient. At Finserv MARKETS, you can find a bouquet of credit card offerings with different benefits suitable for different needs. From credit cards suitable for business spends and premium credit cards to the best free credit cards, and cards that are perfect for low-income households and more, there’s something for everyone, all in one place.

Topped-up with thoughtful features

In addition to the variety of cards on offer, Finserv MARKETS also provides additional features for its customers.  These features include:

●    Personal Loan Conversion - Credit Cards available at Finserv MARKETS allow you to avail a personal loan against your credit card limit and repay this amount in easy EMIs.

●    Convert Purchases into EMIs - Purchases through any credit card available at Finserv MARKETS can be converted into EMIs easily.

●    Stringent Security Measures - Credit cards come pre-equipped with safety features like EMV Chips and two-factor authentication for high-value transactions to tackle any kind of fraud.

●    Cash Withdrawal Without Interest – This is a unique feature that allows you as a cardholder to withdraw interest-free cash using a credit card, whenever needed. This is in contrast to extremely high interest that is usually charged on cash withdrawals using credit cards.

●    Paperless Application – All that’s required to get a credit card from Finserv MARKETS is an online application which can be completed in just a few clicks through a completely paperless process.

A credit card can be a great asset simply because of the convenience it offers. Used wisely, a credit card can accrue financial savings in the form of rewards, interest saved on amounts spent. Regular bill payments help improve your credit history, thereby building a good credit score that can come in handy when you apply for other credit cards or loans. So, if you are looking to turn digital for your payments in the post-pandemic world and are wondering which credit card to choose, log on to Finserv MARKETS and select the card that is right for you.

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