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Hitechstuff the brain child of visionary duo making a difference

Hitechstuff is franchising now, creating more employment, and making a better India

Published: Dec 8, 2020 05:00:31 PM IST

Hitechstuff the brain child of visionary duo making a difference

Teja Gangapatnam, Chaithanya Gangapatnam, owners of HITECHSTUFF a unit of SRI HYMAVATHI GROUP Head Quarters Nellore Andhra Pradesh, are two entrepreneur siblings who started their journey and became immensely successful.

In an interview with us, Mr. Teja Gangapatnam told us that he is a doctor by profession, and his brother, Chaithanya is an actor and electrical engineer. Growing up watching their father's journey as a businessman always inspired them to bring up an innovative idea to set up a company that they both kept discussing for a while.

However, both were never a fan of daily work routines and wanted to create a workspace where they can implement their ideology of creating fun, where the clients can enjoy and appreciate their effort. Hence, it drove them in establishing HITECHSTUFF, a unique brand that deals with architecture, concept-based interior design, innovative furniture designs, concept home theatres.

This duo has designed, crafted, and created unique furniture designs under one roof and made people choose the quality based made in India products before which people used to travel a lot abroad to get the products they wished for. And that's where their craft is so special and successful.

Encouragement Behind This Profession

According to Mr. Teja Gangapatnam, "My mind always keeps igniting with crazy ideas and I didn't know any platform where I can work on these ideas, and saw many people speak highly about products that are imported from other countries or they went and brought from". Then he went on to create a platform that will serve people what they dream of and can proudly say they own it.

Hence, to make it work, he established HITECHSTUFF, a unique platform, and hence, the punchline for his brand owns the pride. Currently, to encourage more entrepreneurs, HITECHSTUFF is franchising now, creating more employment, and making a better India.

He further adds that the company is going to introduce many unique products that are still in the process of making. The brand is now working as a bridge between the Indian & International market and will continue to do so.

Inspiration & Achievements

In this entire process, both of them are grateful to their father who has always been an inspiration. While talking about it, he said

"I cannot express it in words because it's not a person or an experience that inspires us, it's the journey that truly inspires and influences us. and it's been and still is an inspiring journey with him".

Although they are successful in their journey, it was never a cakewalk to become a successful entrepreneur. He said that "there will be a lot who ll criticize, having an idea isn't just enough hundreds of sleepless nights, and the blood and sweat of me my bro made us the company what it is today. There was a time where we got cheated by many people, shut down factories, went into crisis, but we never gave up. we came out of it and rose like the phoenix from ashes."

They have won India icon 2019, GTF Best Business Service Provider 2020, National Business Conference Best Design Studio 2020. Such an inspirational duo they are and we're glad to know their story.

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