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iAssist innovations labs – IT start-up that runs on research & innovation

iAssist believes that no one can understand a business better than its owner

Published: Dec 29, 2020 05:58:28 PM IST
Updated: Dec 29, 2020 06:39:34 PM IST

iAssist innovations labs – IT start-up that runs on research & innovation
Even as the year 2020, so far, has shown a 30% decline in the total disclosed funding in Indian startups, in comparison to the funding 2019, the overall investor sentiment remains upbeat, thanks to the Indian start-ups’ simple mission – keep surging ahead. IT start-ups like iAssist Innovations Labs (IAIL) embody this sentiment the best.

Working on the principles of assist, innovate, repeat, IAIL is a premier IT research organization ready to solve seemingly unsolvable problems, making its clients’ lives better and easier. IAIL was founded in 2019 by Sharad Kumar, a visionary man who has a reputation for initiating new result-oriented innovations in business. Sharad describes himself as “deeply passionate about technology-driven innovation that provides measurable value gains to businesses across industry verticals.” That also defines the reach of iAssist’s services, which lead to unique and meaningful solutions for its customers. 

iAssist is run by a team of dedicated researchers and top-notch Engineering graduates – in short, the best Tech brains in the industry have chosen to focus on innovative products and end-to-end solutions with the help of subject matter experts from different business verticals to give deep insights about business. The most important aspect of IAIL’s services bouquet is that these new-age Tech solutions that is developed after multiple deep dive sessions to understand customers business, environment better and then a design of unique solution, with the patented technology of iAssist Innovations Labs, keeping the important factors such as adoptability, ease of use and a close focus on minimal need of change in the current infrastructure of the customer at a very reasonable cost to the client.

IAIL aspires to be a global research organization that would work towards a mission to bring superior products that resolve hitherto unsolved issues/problems. Talking about the reason why iAssist is popular among its clientele, Sharad says, “Our innovations and technology patents help businesses operate better. We are a one-stop-shop for end-to-end handholding for our valuable customers.”

iAssist believes that no one can understand a business better than its owner. This holds true in the case of Indian businesses, which, the company agrees, require tons of paperwork and a large amount of time for financial transactions to be processed from start to finish. With IAIL, such transactions will take hours rather than days. Now, how’s that for innovation!

The team calls itself obsessed with its principles because it is this obsession that drives the team to continue its research and deliver the work solutions by simplifying the technology for the clients. They start with deciphering a problem, then patent it, and, eventually, come up with an eloquent solution for its customers. Calling it a unique approach, iAssist takes pride in endowing itself in the client’s success, creating stronger collaborations. As Sharad puts it, “The bond between us and the customer is what keeps us going. Our products have the exceptional potential to offer autonomy to Business users without the need for technical help. And also gives the customers time to plan, prepare, define, etc., to fix the issues without any technical knowledge.” The company has multiple patented products (1 Patented, 3 Patents Applied for and a few more in the works) to its credit and work is going on in the case of many others.

In case you are interested in finding more about what they can do to make your business more optimized, efficient and seamless, you can mail them at

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