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Innovate and protect: FedEx leads the way in e-commerce and cybersecurity for India

Join us for an insightful conversation with Kami Viswanathan, President, FedEx (MEISA) on how FedEx is leading the way in e-commerce & cybersecurity for India

Published: Jun 19, 2024 04:32:18 PM IST
Updated: Jun 21, 2024 04:48:59 PM IST

The Indian e-commerce landscape is booming, and with it comes the growing need for secure and efficient logistics solutions. In a recent collaboration between Forbes India and FedEx, Kami Viswanathan, President of FedEx Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa (MEISA), took centre stage to discuss "FedEx's Strategy for E-commerce and Cyber Security in India." This insightful session, led by Mugdha Kalra, focused on the intersection of innovation and security within the e-commerce and logistics sectors.

Listen to the podcast here - How FedEx is leading the way in E-commerce & Cybersecurity for India

Boosting India's Rise: How FedEx Investments Fuel Global Trade

India's e-commerce sector is a powerhouse, and FedEx is a key player in propelling it forward. With the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry projecting a robust 13.84% increase in exports, efficient and secure logistics solutions are crucial.

Kami Viswanathan emphasised the company's commitment to innovation - "As a leader in supply chain technology, we're making significant investments in robotics, automation, and digital intelligence. These investments have a ripple effect, optimising everything from individual shipments to managing our global vehicle fleet."

These advancements are backed by substantial financial muscle. The recent establishment of a state-of-the-art hub at Dubai South for USD 350 Million, coupled with the expansion of the Delhi gateway, exemplifies FedEx's dedication to fostering regional connectivity and seamless global trade.

But the focus isn't just on infrastructure. FedEx recognizes the importance of nurturing local talent and fostering a spirit of innovation. Viswanathan highlighted this commitment by stating, "The world's first FedEx Advanced Capability Community (ACC) in Hyderabad is a testament to this vision. Our USD 100 million investment underscores our belief in India's potential and talent pool."

Data drives efficiency at FedEx. Their specialised unit, FedEx Dataworks, uses data science, analytics, and machine learning to optimise networks, solve supply chain problems, and streamline logistics for everyone.

Empowering the Engine of Growth: Supporting India's SMEs

While global giants benefit from FedEx's advanced solutions, the company isn't forgetting the backbone of the Indian economy - the dynamic world of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Kami Viswanathan underscored this commitment, stating, "FedEx goes beyond just logistics for SMEs. We see ourselves as trusted advisors, empowering them to navigate the global marketplace."

This translates into a multi-pronged approach. The strategic alliance with Delhivery, coupled with the innovative cluster strategy, significantly expands FedEx's reach into Tier 2 and 3 markets, ensuring SMEs across India can leverage their global trade network. FedEx has also made onboarding new businesses seamless with the WREG (Web REGistration) program on

The SME Connect program serves as a powerful platform for customer engagement and advocacy. This initiative aligns perfectly with FedEx's "People-Service-Profit" (PSP) culture value, placing a strong emphasis on driving business results for their SME partners. In the recently concluded fiscal year (FY24), SME Connect successfully reached 24 cluster markets across India, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for SME growth.

The Powerhouse Behind the Deliveries: FedEx's Global Network

At the heart of FedEx's success lies its unparalleled global air network. This expansive infrastructure ensures the safe, timely, and reliable delivery of goods to a staggering 220 countries and territories, encompassing nearly 99% of the world's GDP. This reach allows Indian businesses to tap into a vast international marketplace with unparalleled efficiency.

Furthermore, FedEx is redefining its fleet structure. The introduction of a "tricolour network" with purple, orange, and white tailed aircraft caters to diverse shipment priorities, volumes, and margins. This innovative approach ensures optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

India plays a central role in this global network. Dedicated freighter operations connect the country to key commercial hubs in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA, facilitating efficient and timely deliveries across continents. By unifying under the "FedEx" banner, the company is strategically positioned to fulfil its mission of empowering customers to compete and thrive on a global scale. The world's smartest logistics network is at their fingertips, propelling Indian businesses to new heights in the international marketplace.

The Digital Revolution in Logistics: FedEx at the Forefront

India's e-commerce sector is exploding, projected to reach a colossal USD 1 Trillion by 2030. This necessitates seamless and timely deliveries, placing logistics firms like FedEx at the forefront of the digital revolution.

"We bridge the physical and digital gap," says Kami Viswanathan. FedEx is uniquely positioned to offer both transportation and comprehensive digital solutions, empowering businesses of all sizes to thrive in the online marketplace. The groundbreaking FDX platform exemplifies this commitment. FDX connects the entire customer journey, streamlining e-commerce operations from demand generation to returns management.

The Future of Logistics: Collaboration is Key

Innovation is paramount for FedEx, and collaboration with India's burgeoning digital startup scene is a cornerstone of their strategy. "We're revolutionising logistics by partnering with India's brightest startups," says Kami Viswanathan. These partnerships introduce new efficiencies that benefit customers globally and transform the industry as a whole.

The FedEx Innovation Lab exemplifies this commitment. By fostering collaboration with early-stage digital startups, they're building smarter and more efficient supply chains, ultimately enhancing global trade connectivity. A prime example is the successful partnership with Mad Street Den. Their Intelligent Document Processing solution has streamlined the KYC (Know Your Customer) submission process for FedEx customers, creating a more user-friendly digital experience.

But FedEx isn't stopping there. They're investing in the future with a $10 million grant. Partnering with IIT Bombay & IIT Madras, they aim to establish Centres of Excellence to fuel innovation and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Safeguarding Your Transactions in a Digital World

The digital revolution has undeniably transformed India, with increased online activity across sectors. However, this growth has also brought heightened vulnerabilities to digital fraud. Mobile devices are a prime target, with malware attacks targeting mobile banking and personal data a growing concern. To combat these threats, FedEx prioritises customer education and security.

The Future of E-commerce is Secure with FedEx

Partnering with India's digital future, fostering academic collaboration, and prioritising customer security, FedEx is shaping a secure and sustainable future for Indian logistics. Choose FedEx, and choose a future of e-commerce success.

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