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Introducing different programs led Jaipur Fabric to acquire huge clientele

Jaipur Fabric has introduced loyalty program and gift coupons for people to save more with every order. They have created quite a niche in the home furnishing industry

Published: Sep 22, 2020 04:37:17 PM IST

Jaipur Fabric has seen a massive boost in their clientele after introducing numerous programs for their customers. The company decided to offer something more to their customers and is the reason for them to introduce several programs that are applauded by the people. Their primary reason was to help people during these uncertain times but it also worked the best for the company too.

One of their recent programs during a pandemic situation was to distribute free masks with each order they got. With high quality masks provided by them for free, more people were interested in getting them and this way their clientele increased hugely.

The company stated that it was their intention to offer something to the people who showed support to the company by ordering products during this time. Also, the firm hoped this program would spread their name in this business sector and acquire more customers with time.

The head of sales & Marketing at Jaipur Fabric, Mr. Raju Sharma said, “We are really glad that we got such a colossal response to this program and so many people have responded positively towards it. We are glad we were able to help people out and it has also helped the company during this pandemic by getting more clients than we expected. We are hoping our clientele will keep increasing more in the coming quarters.”

Apart from this, the company’s newly introduced loyalty program and gift coupons have also gained a lot of new clients. Through this, people can save more with every order and has helped the company earn a bigger name in the home furnishing industry. Also, it has helped this organization acquire a massive number of customers making such programs a big reason for this company’s success apart from outstanding designer products.

Also, more programs are on the way that Jaipur Fabric will introduce in the near future, with the hope of becoming more successful in this business sector. However, for now they are thoroughly enjoying their recent increasing customers.

The CEO of Jaipur Fabric, Mr. Jayant Maheshwari said, “Our programs are made for the customers to get something extra with their purchases and we are really happy about the increase in our clients. More programs will be added but nothing is finalized yet on this front. For now, we are just enjoying the progress we have made so far.”

Every client of this firm will have to wait for knowing about the upcoming programs that it will introduce. The recent trend indicates that they will acquire more customers in the near future. However, for now they are simply enjoying their accomplishments and success.

About Jaipur Fabric:

JaipurFabric is a well-known ecommerce company that offers different products related to home furnishing. They are ideally known for their items such as high quality bed sheets, curtains, aprons, Table linens, Quilts and sofa covers, etc. With increasing clientele, this company will soon become the best in this business.

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