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Ishanee Sharma: A crusader for change

A writer by choice, and a lawyer by profession, Advocate Ishanee Sharma loves to espouse the cause of truth, fair play, equality and justice

Published: Feb 7, 2020 04:45:13 PM IST
Updated: Feb 10, 2020 04:32:09 PM IST

Advocate Ishanee Sharma practices in the Delhi High Court and she is also a counsel for the state of Uttar Pradesh in the Supreme Court of India. She strongly advocates for bringing about judicial reforms to do away with lacunae and deficiencies in the legal system which is marred by protracted proceedings, tortuous documentation, inordinate costs, and excruciating pendency. She works at the intersection of human responsibility, leadership, growth and justice to serve the cause of her clients and people at large.

An alumnus of the National Law University Delhi, Ishanee has completed her schooling from La martiniere Girls’ College & DPS Noida. At her age, when half of the millennials are still hunting for a cause to be passionate about, Ishanee has founded a rapidly growing law firm, Ishanee Sharma Law Offices. Pertinently, Times Power Icons 2019, powered by Times of India has honoured Ishanee Sharma with Rising Star 2019 award for her excellent work in the legal field.

Ishanee firmly believes in making a positive impact in the country with her ongoing endeavours in socio-legal spheres. She believes in taking a holistic approach in exploring solutions to the problems confronting the legal profession as well as the society.

Due to the intricacies of the legal profession, she finds herself at a crossroads on the question of right and wrong. But her conscience doesn't allow her to refrain from the path of integrity and probity. As a counsel for various Public Interest Litigations (PILs), every cause she fights for is close to her heart. She believes that “the judiciary is meant to be an arm of the “Social Revolution” upholding the equality that Indians had longed for since time immemorial but remained elusive.” 

While sharing her thoughts about her field of practice, she finds it crucial to quote a saying by Martin Luther King. "Law and order exist to establish justice, and when they fail in this purpose, they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress."

Ishanee strongly advocates for equality of opportunity and duties. She sincerely believes that responsibility and accountability should be evenly distributed among the various levels of administration. The security and legal enforcement agencies are as accountable for societal harmony as upholding law and order. Freedom comes with responsibility, and the idea of a diverse yet peacefully coexisting society is only achievable when each citizen takes responsibility for their actions. She insists that the most significant luxury any human can afford is the luxury of having and holding opinions.

Amidst all the current political unrest in the country, Ishanee urges people to understand the vital concept of political neutrality. As citizens of one of the biggest democracies in the world, people should stay vigilant, express their opinions freely, voice their concerns and never be hesitant to ask questions. Law for her, is an essential enforcer of what is right, fair and just. One of the most crucial pillars of a functional democracy, it stays afloat with the faith of its people reposed in the impartiality of guardians of law.

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