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Matching the demands of young working professionals

Published: Sep 6, 2019 02:29:25 PM IST
Updated: Sep 9, 2019 03:45:25 PM IST

Matching the demands of young working professionals

It’s the best of times and the worst of times for young working professionals. Life moves at an unbelievable pace for these go-getters. For many, getting into the office is a saga that involves battling unimaginable traffic. Then, at the office, powerful interactions and intense spells of challenging work require dependable personal and office infrastructure. And days do not end with work. There is after-hour networking and socialising that has become an integral part of life. All this is interspersed with travel for some.

There are other young professionals who work out of home offices, shared workspaces, coffee shops or on the go. They have an equally gruelling day, working on their personal infrastructure, which comprises a range of trusted electronic devices. They too are completely immersed in a combination of calls and online connect with far-flung colleagues. This lot is equally particular as their on-site counterparts about being able to meet deadlines with work submissions that are of impeccable quality.

Changing paradigms

Unlike their predecessors of yesteryears, who derived pride from owning assets like homes, automobiles, designer wear and jewellery and other accessories, the young working professional seek experiences. With their eye for detail, they want to deliver and receive only the best, whether it is for work or leisure. They also put a premium on staying connected, irrespective of whether they are office goers or on-the-go-ers. 

The HP EliteBook is tailored to caters perfectly to the career and leisure needs of this genre, enabling them to work on the go and in the office, be it shared or conventional or virtual.

Looks matter

The HP EliteBook makes a style statement wherever it goes. Keeping this dynamic demographic in mind, it sports ultra-slim, aluminum casing and narrow border display. This appeals to the sensitivities of a generation that delights in such perfection.

Facilitating connects

Being lightweight, it aids working on the go. Literally built for collaboration, the HP EliteBook comes with amazing sound features. Its loud, top-firing speakers enhance listening experiences and its 360 degree voice pick-up and noise-cancellation, world-facing third microphone make PC calls productive. The high performance HP Premium Collaboration Keyboard enables launching and managing calls at the touch of a button. Options like mobile broadband and a high-resolution webcam and other features create the perfect set up for events such as successful virtual meetings from practically anywhere.  The fast charging battery simply compounds its out-of-office utility.

Corporate campus compatibility

The HP EliteBook is equally comfortable lending support to the young professional who expects a desktop device. It offers effortless productivity when clubbed with the 4K UHD EliteDisplay S270n and HP Thunderbolt Dock G2. These add-ons deliver enterprise manageability and an optional audio module.

The HP EliteBook is equipped with some interesting features that make work go faster and life become simpler and more interesting. For instance, it could be fitted with the 8th Gen quad-core Intel® Core™ processor to speed up demanding business applications, AMD Radeon™ RX540 Discrete Graphics for creative applications, the latest global 4G LTE wireless broadband technology, etc.

Security features

The HP EliteBook assures the deepest level of security as HP safeguards the foundation of the device with solutions that are enforced by the hardware for stronger protection. Designed to protect the device and the data in it, as well as the identity of the user, it is equipped with security features such automatic recovery, self-healing protection, which keeps critical applications and processes running even if malware tries to shut them down. In the event of such adversities, it also quickly and securely restores the device to the latest image, using a network connection.

Towards protecting data and identity and enabling its users to browse confidently and work safely in the office or on the road, it comes with options for instant protection against visual hacking, protection from websites and in-browser .pdf files infected with malware, ransomware, or viruses, integrated privacy screen, etc., in addition to a variety of biometric security features.

Matching mindset

The young professional is a complicated and delightful multi-faceted being with unique needs and aspirations. The HP EliteBook keeps up effortlessly with these requirements, allowing them to soar to greater personal and professional heights.

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