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MBBS Abroad? Georgian National University is a one-stop destination for next-gen doctors

Georgian National University- SEU is located in the core of Tbilisi - The mega-city and Georgia's most pleasant capital city

Published: Nov 12, 2020 10:31:06 AM IST
Updated: Nov 12, 2020 10:38:11 AM IST

MBBS Abroad? Georgian National University is a one-stop destination for next-gen doctors
Hunting for a perfect university to study MBBS abroad? Get ready to make your “study MBBS Abroad” dream into a reality! Join thousands of medical aspirants pursuing MBBS in Georgia at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, Georgia National University-SEU. It’s time for you to study MBBS abroad at a fully-equipped state-of-the-art infrastructure that is credited with the status of an elite university, by two principal accrediting bodies that operate in Georgia and Europe. To study MBBS Abroad or MBBS in Georgia, Georgian National University is indeed a perfect launchpad to your bright future.

The Medical Infrastructure of the Georgian National University is worth 25 Million US dollars with 5300+ Beds-Affiliated Hospitals making it one of the largest International Hospital Network for Clinical Rotations worldwide. The courses are completely delivered in English, to all the aspirants coming in to study MBBS Abroad in Georgia. The accredited degree of MBBS in Georgia is internationally accredited and it is recognized all over the world.

Georgian National University- SEU is located in the core of Tbilisi - The mega-city and Georgia’s most pleasant capital city. It’s gorgeous 21-acre sprawling campus is well equipped to capture the hearts of students from across the globe for MBBS in Georgia making it one of the Top 5 campuses in Europe.

What Georgian National University - SEU offers:

The university offers established international standard medical facilities like

●    Robotic-Surgical training medical equipment
●    3D Anatomage & Cadavers
●    Simulated Mannequin Station
●    Team Learning Center (TLC)
●    Ultra-Modern Library
●    Most Advanced Research Center
●    Simulation Center
●    High-Tech Laboratories
●    Highly Advanced Student Reading Room.

Now studying MBBS abroad is no longer a dream with Georgian National University! With its superior curriculum, its state-of-the-art infrastructure and its exceptional campus life, studying MBBS abroad at Georgian National University is indeed the best place to turn your education into a career that you always dreamt of! Georgian National University ranking lies in the top-rated universities of Georgia.

About ATMIA Education

ATMIA Education is one of the leading institutes of India, sending the highest number of students for MBBS abroad. With over 30+ years of experience, the ATMIA Education institute has produced 1000+ graduates and is trusted by 4000+ students. ATMIA education’s record-breaking success in MCI Screening Test, with 91% Results and exemplary performances has brought in several prestigious recognitions and certifications, making ATMIA Education an excellent organization, compliant with international standards.

Georgian National University SEU has its exclusive strategic partner in India with ATMIA Education facilitating the MBBS aspirants of India with a unique learning opportunity, to secure admission for MBBS in Georgia.

ATMIA Education’s course such as The Doctor of Medicine (MD) offers 360 ECTS (credits) while also enabling students to choose between a standard 6-year course or an accelerated 5-year program.

ATMIA Education has established itself as the gold standard for MBBS abroad. With more than 4000 students trusting the institution till today, every year 1000+ students graduate from their affiliated universities abroad. With an expertise personnel and full-fledged team of consultants, Atmia Education has more than 18 admission centres across India. One can learn more about the MBBS course abroad for the year 2020-21 from or their experienced team can answer any questions or doubts on 69004-69004. Detailed information is available on a pdf file:

About Tbilisi City

Georgian National University SEU is located in Georgia’s most pleasant capital city of Tbilisi. Fondly known as the beating heart of Georgia, the city’s unique beauty never fails to capture the hearts of the students and visitors at any time of the year.

Tbilisi City has always been the cultural and educational focal point for students of MBBS in Georgia and the European Nation. Because of its robust education and work culture, with special focus on medicinal advancement, Tbilisi has become a popular destination for several students from across the country who are looking to pursue MBBS(MD) in Georgia.

This mega-city offers equal opportunities to all the local people, tourists, students and even the immigrant community. With a tantalizing panoramic view, urbanized streets, modern infrastructure, leafy squares, clean lakes, and green valleys; Tbilisi is sure to captivate every visitor with its beauty, and every aspirant with the benefits it offers.

About Georgia

Surrounded by panoramic and pristine beauty, Georgia sits in the middle of continents of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The country has seen positive economic growth, and many experts consider it among the most credible economies across the regions. According to International Financial Corporation, "Georgia is a star reformer with the fastest growing economy in emerging Europe." The country’s economic progress was awarded 6th rank by The World Bank Governance, who describes the country as "The number one economic reformer in the world.”

Georgia is not only economically and naturally abundant, but is also amongst the 4th safest and 7th non- corrupt country in the world. With exceptional delicacies, mesmerising natural surrounding and friendly Georgian residents, it is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. Salome Zurabishvii, The President of Georgia, states that Georgia is "Democratic, Peaceful and, European as a nation" which is why the country remains a favourite destination abroad for premium education.

Why MBBS in Georgia is an ideal choice among students

Best Educational Institutions
Georgia has an excellent reputation in the field of education, it is home to some of the best research centres and medical universities like Georgia National University - SEU. Also, the authorization and accreditation of Georgian universities are in full compliance with the European and American higher education standards. Georgian National University is one of the best universities for MBBS in Georgia.

With some of the best educational institutions and cost-effective lifestyle, Georgia is one of the most preferred destinations for higher education like MBBS abroad. Scholarship/s are also available for meritorious students. Georgian National University fees are the most affordable, compared to other countries and universities in the region, perhaps due to its simple, low, and fair taxation. That makes it a fair choice for students securing admission for MBBS in Georgia.

Hassle-free visa
Obtaining a Georgian visa is a very smooth and easy process, especially for education. The cost of application is also relatively cheaper than most European national regions.  

Safest country
According to a recent report from ISET research, Georgia is reputed as the 4th safest country in the world. The citizens of the country are warm and receptive towards international citizens which plays a huge role in attracting foreign students. MBBS abroad consultants recommend Georgia as the first choice to pursue MBBS in the top-ranked university that offers multiple benefits.

Continue career after education  
On the brighter side, Georgia is one of the 47 European nations involved in the Bologna Process. The MBBS Abroad procedure for studying MBBS in Georgia is easy. This means foreign students and graduates are allowed to continue their careers in Europe, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, India and many other countries.

It is a combination of all these features that makes Georgia the most loved destination for education among MBBS aspirants in India and the Indian students studying MBBS abroad.

What experts say about Georgian National University - SEU
“Georgian National University - SEU is one of the most-in-demand Universities in Georgian educational spheres” according to the United National Examinations and Mobility Survey.

“I have not seen such advanced Medical infrastructure used for teaching in any medical universities other than Georgian National University - SEU in Entire Europe”
says Dr. Smith Jones, an expert and renowned authority in Quality Medical Education

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education and Science, almost all foreign students studying in Georgia, 95% in resides in Tbilisi, 2.2% in Kutaisi and 1.8% in Batumi, respectively.
To study MBBS in Georgia 2020-21 students prefer Tbilisi city and Georgian National University - SEU is the First Choice for Foreign Students.

Georgian National University SEU is recognized and highly rated by EAIE(European Association For International Education), AMEE(An International Association For Medical Education), ECFMG Medical Council Of USA, Medical Council Of India and Medical Council Of Canada.

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