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Meet Dhaval Solani, a 29-year-old young entrepreneur

This entrepreneur is all set to revolutionise the NBFC sector

Published: Jun 5, 2020 01:45:10 PM IST

Meet Dhaval Solani, a 29-year-old young entrepreneur

With banks reducing their deposit interest rates, and shares and mutual having an inherent risk, the market requires knowledge of investment techniques, and people who do not know much about finance or how equity markets work find it difficult to invest their money in the right direction. For all such investors, Dhaval Solani, 29, founder and CEO of Creditbulls has great news. They can earn almost double interest on their deposits with Creditbulls fixed-deposit plans.

Hailing from Jamnagar Gujarat, Dhaval Solani holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance Stream. From his college days, he knew that he didn’t want to work in a 9 to 6 job. He wanted to be an online mentor, but circumstances didn’t favour him. Then this idea struck his mind: why not starts a business where people do not have to learn stock trading, and yet could generate a stable income every month without requiring any knowledge of finance or trading? As Dhaval says, ‘Everyday people do not have much knowledge when it comes to investing’. They just want to put away their hard-earned savings in such a way that they get good returns. That is what Creditbulls offers. We provide monthly returns deposited in investors account on monthly basis.

His simple and innovative idea through which Creditbulls has developed high-level trust among investors has made the Creditbulls a recognised name in the NBFC sector. In a small span of time, Creditbulls has acquired a sizeable number of investors. Dhaval Solani wants to take Creditbulls to a national level by the end of 2023, which at present has its presence in Jamnagar (Gujarat).

Besides finance Dhaval Solani has another interest; that is to read human behaviour, and he has a PhD in human psychology. Of his doctorate he says, ‘It helps me in business as well, because when you understand human behaviour, it is much easier to understand what clients aspire to and how they will react in a particular scenario, what are their concerns and so on’.

He is a philanthropist who believes that ‘we must give back to society from which we have received so much and, moreover, if we are in a position to help someone or people at large, we must do so wholeheartedly. That’s why we are humans’. He is planning to start an NGO in 2021, where Dhaval will volunteer his time to serve people to his best capability.

Dhaval Solani is deeply rooted in his Indian culture, and he practices yoga and meditation to keep a check on stress levels. He believes ‘yoga and meditation are the best formsof practice, not only to be fit and active but to make you calm and peaceful from the inside. I think yoga is one of the best gifts from India to the world community’.

In his leisure time, Dhaval travels to unexplored calm places with a few good books, generally biographies, which he findsa great source of inspiration and learning.

We can say with certainty that this young entrepreneur surely has poised determination and vision to be a successful businessman and a great human being.

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