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Navigating next-generation technology spaces: Insights from Sanjeev Bhasin, CEO at CEECO

In conversation with Sanjeev Bhasin, CEO at CEECO, on how Ceeco Strategy Rooms and Ceeco Briefing Rooms redefine decision-making and communication, transforming technology spaces nationwide

Published: Mar 21, 2024 04:19:19 PM IST
Updated: Mar 22, 2024 11:09:06 AM IST

Navigating next-generation technology spaces: Insights from Sanjeev Bhasin, CEO at CEECO

Introducing Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a pioneering force since its establishment in 1986 as “Cinesonic Electronic Equipment Pvt. Ltd.” Their journey began with a focus on addressing Cinema & Sound opportunities, evolving into a trusted leader in AV & IT System Integration. With headquarters in New Delhi and regional offices in Bengaluru & Mumbai, Ceeco serves clients nationwide, including renowned organizations like DRDO, JNU, and NTPC. Led by experienced professionals, their divisions operate independently, ensuring focused attention and top-notch service delivery across diverse sectors.

Q: We've noticed a surge in the deployment of Board Rooms and Meeting Rooms across the country, aligning with the increasing strategic and financial significance of India. With this growth trajectory in mind, do you believe the current technology deployed in these meeting spaces adequately caters to evolving needs, or do you anticipate a shift in these environments?

A: While the deployment of Board Rooms and Meeting Rooms continues to expand, there's a noticeable trend towards specialized technology spaces within organizations. This shift reflects a need for tailored solutions that go beyond conventional meeting setups to meet the dynamic demands of modern workplaces. With the pace of technological advancement and the evolving nature of collaboration, it's imperative for organizations to reassess their meeting space technology to ensure it remains aligned with their strategic objectives.

Q: Could you delve deeper into these "Technology Spaces" and how they differ from traditional meeting rooms?

A: Recently, we've observed a rising demand for specialized technology spaces, distinct from conventional meeting rooms, among our clients and partners. Utilizing core products from industry leaders like BARCO and CRESTRON, we've identified two key spaces: Ceeco Strategy Rooms and Ceeco Briefing Rooms. These spaces are designed to offer advanced functionalities tailored to specific organizational needs, fostering more efficient collaboration and decision-making processes. While traditional meeting rooms serve a general-purpose role, these technology spaces are purpose-built environments equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance productivity and facilitate seamless communication.

Q: Can you elaborate on the purpose and significance of Ceeco Strategy Rooms?

A: Ceeco Strategy Rooms serve as highly confidential spaces where top stakeholders convene to deliberate and make critical decisions with profound financial and strategic implications. These decisions are often strictly on a "Need to Know" basis, with entry restricted to authorized personnel. Additionally, there's provision for data miners to share mined data confidentially, facilitating further analysis and deliberations by principal stakeholders. Security is paramount in these rooms, with core components meeting IEC-27001 certification standards. Cutting-edge Control Room technology is extensively utilized to ensure minimal downtime and utmost confidentiality.

Q: How do Ceeco Briefing Rooms revolutionize the process of disseminating decisions and engaging with stakeholders?

A: Ceeco Briefing Rooms play a pivotal role in disseminating decisions made in Strategy Rooms to various internal and external stakeholders. Traditionally, press briefing rooms required skilled camera crews with editing kits to cover events and share them externally. However, with the latest technology from Crestron, highly automated cameras eliminate the need for professional camera crews. These rooms are equipped to handle hybrid usage, facilitating both local gatherings and remote audience engagement. The engagement with the outside world commences in these Briefing Rooms, marking the beginning of effective communication and collaboration.

Q: Drawing from your extensive experience in technology implementation, how has your professional journey contributed to CEECO's ability to deliver these cutting-edge solutions?

A: Over the past three decades, CEECO has cultivated a wealth of experience in the technology space, allowing us to adapt and innovate in response to evolving industry trends. Our partnerships with leading OEMs like BARCO and CRESTRON, coupled with our domain expertise, empower us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our team of skilled professionals undergo continuous training and development to stay abreast of the latest technologies and best practices, ensuring seamless integration and implementation of cutting-edge solutions.

Q: Lastly, which organizations are best suited to deploy these technology spaces, and how can they maximize their potential impact?

A: These technology spaces are particularly relevant for organizations with a high level of stakeholder engagement and decision-making responsibilities. Chairpersons, CEOs, Board Members, Secretaries, and Senior Directors across various sectors, including Companies, PSUs, Ministries, and R&D Labs, stand to benefit from the enhanced capabilities offered by Strategy Rooms and Briefing Rooms. By leveraging these spaces effectively, organizations can streamline their decision-making processes and improve communication both internally and externally. Additionally, these spaces can serve as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, driving organizational growth and competitiveness in an increasingly digital world.

For more details: Website: www.ceeco.in or Enquiries at marketing@ceeco.in 

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