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'Powering' India to a Greener Future

In India, Hitachi Energy is helping citizens rediscover rail as a sustainable and energy-efficient lifeline capable of reducing congestion within cities, as well as cut greenhouse gas emissions

Published: Feb 10, 2022 08:37:29 AM IST
Updated: Feb 23, 2022 10:01:49 PM IST

'Powering' India to a Greener FutureAspiring to be the third-largest economy in less than a decade, India has made undeterred commitments on how it intends to arrive on the world stage. The world lauds India’s two pioneering global initiatives which are the International Solar Alliance and Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. Equally commendable is India’s conviction to ecological sustainability, with the government targeting 175 gigawatts of renewable capacity by the year 2022, and 450 gigawatts by 2030.

Switched on for progress

India’s power sector, one of the most diversified in the world, is already switched on for progress. Electrifying and grid-connecting the lengths and breadths of the land, industrializing, and transforming mobility with city metros and electric vehicles are some of the key areas in this journey in which Hitachi Energy, a global power technology pioneer, has been a collaborative partner.

As a key stakeholder in nation-building, Hitachi Energy has been successfully serving utility, industry, and infrastructure customers across the value chain and in emerging areas like sustainable mobility, smart cities, energy storage and data centers. With a proven track record, global footprint, and unparalleled installed base, it has also balanced the social, environmental, and economic values of the country. Overall, Hitachi Energy is contributing towards creating a lower-carbon society and a cleaner environment for a sustainable future for all citizens.'Powering' India to a Greener FutureMass electricity, efficient methods

Collectively, Hitachi and its group companies are committed to reduce their environmental impact in a way that best suits their industry, while reducing their own carbon footprints. Similarly, in India’s national power transmission network, Hitachi Energy’s smart power system technology is helping to meet the need for reliable power distribution in a sustainable manner. As part of a national electrification drive, Hitachi Energy has collaborated with India’s government-owned mega power utility company to deliver a transmission link, connecting Raigarh in Central India to Pugalur in Tamil Nadu. It has the capacity to transfer reliable electricity to more than 80 million people. Hitachi Energy has also energized the North East-Agra power ‘superhighway’, the world’s first multi-terminal ultra-high-voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission link, capable of supplying clean power to 90 million people. The operational link supplies clean hydropower from north-eastern India to demand centers in Agra and across north India.

Meanwhile, in providing the country with a backbone of power, Hitachi Energy is increasing the reliability and efficiency of the power used by industry. Recent projects include strengthening mission-critical power infrastructure for public sector oil companies, and steel major, to meet the nation’s demands without any supply disruption. On the other hand, Hitachi Energy’s digital substation is enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and safety of power generation for one of India’s largest IT park, thereby propelling the Smart Grid Mission and Smart City vision. At the same time, it has deployed its disconnectors with ice-breaking capacity at Leh, Khalsti, Drass and Kargil substations, bringing electricity to far corners of the country and advancing the government’s “24x7 power-for-all” initiative.

Enriching mobility

To realize a low-carbon society, resource-efficient society, and a society harmonized with nature, Hitachi has committed itself to achieve long-term environmental targets, under which mobility is a key area. In India, Hitachi Energy is helping citizens rediscover rail as a sustainable and energy-efficient lifeline capable of reducing congestion within cities, as well as cut greenhouse gas emissions. It is supplying its state-of-the-art converters and transformers for electric locomotives, helping to bring more reliable trains to passengers, while increasing sustainable transport in the country. Hitachi Energy’s traction technology is assisting a public sector electric locomotive manufacturer to advance the government’s target of 100 percent railway electrification and a low carbon footprint.

Hitachi Energy is laying the foundation for a future of smarter, reliable, and emission-free mobility, accessible by everyone, everywhere. It has committed to deploy infrastructure that meets the needs of the next generation of smarter mobility. The metro systems, for example, in some of India’s largest cities are utilizing Hitachi technology to help transport millions of passengers around the urban areas every day. Nine out of ten metro systems in India use Hitachi Energy’s SCADA solutions to manage and balance the required high-power loads. From tracks to roads, Hitachi Energy is partnering with a large private sector enterprise to pilot the eco-system for efficient and greener electric bus transportation systems in India. The two are piloting an electric bus system based on Hitachi Energy’s innovative flash-charge technology which tops up the battery in seconds while passengers get on and off the bus.

Propelling india to clean energy

Hitachi Energy’s technology is used to integrate and balance intermittent solar power, including from a massive 648-megawatt private sector solar project in Tamil Nadu, propelling the country’s renewable energy vision and push for  green power. It has also partnered with a premier engineering institute to create a smart campus that can serve as one of the pilot projects for the government’s Smart Cities Mission and influence consumer behaviour to maximize clean energy usage. All these initiatives complement the government’s efforts to make India an energy surplus country with universal access.

Fuelling a greener future

Hitachi is harnessing its green energy solutions to augment India’s clean energy capabilities and, in the process, playing an integral role in strengthening the country from ground-up. Both Hitachi and India share a common vision, where the environment and energy that shape the country’s future generations go hand-in-hand. Hitachi Energy, therefore, is committed to drive smart electric grid technology and build sustainable solutions. The future is bright and green.

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