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Rahul Sinha journeys to reform society with education and eliminate social stigma

Education is a pedestal for every success story

Published: Jan 19, 2021 03:05:03 PM IST

Rahul Sinha journeys to reform society with education and eliminate social stigma
Much before Oxford, Cambridge, or Harvard came into existence, Bihar happened to be the birthplace of the ancient Nalanda University. Though the pioneering academic center of India is in ruins today, the imprint of the foundation is still alive in the masses’ hearts and minds. A man, who remembers the glorious past of Bihar as the ancient learning hub and shivers to see the bleak future of youth’s education, is determined to revive its reputation once again. Let’s read on to delve deeper.

From a very young age, Mr. Rahul Sinha had empathy for the less-privileged and the underlying power of education. He took inspiration from his father Late Ashok Kumar Sinha, and uncle Dr. N. K. Sinha, who taught him the significance of hard work. They encouraged him to chase his dreams with a never-say-die attitude. No dream is too lofty if you set your heart to achieve it with utter passion.

With this vision, he is humbled to establish Smart Move Academy in 2010. The primary mission of Smart Move Academy is to educate the destitute and contribute to the development of the children of society. Education is a pedestal for every success story. It throws the door of opportunity wide open for every category and brings them on the same level. A nation can climb the ladder of progression if education and youth are the pillars. Though the organization covered only 450 students initially, today more than thousands of students are associated with it. Apart from imparting education, it works to propagate the significance of education among the elderly society. The organization is a stepping stone for children with dreams filled in their eyes. Several students have cracked IIT, NEET, Civil services, Navy, and other competitive examinations. Mr. Sinha experiences absolute happiness when the students realize their dreams.

With this pocketful of dreams, he established Shining Soul Trust, a non-profitable organization for the upliftment of society. Mr. Rahul Sinha, the Chairman of Shining Souls Trust, has an innate desire to bring India to the pinnacle on the global front. He believes that India is brimming with potential. It only needs a torch-bearer guiding the people in remote hamlets to contribute their bits. Together, the Indians can march to the prosperity of the nation.

While education remains the core base of every pursuit, Shining Souls resolves to revolutionize society. The organization works using diverse methodologies to eradicate poverty, lift social evils, promote gender equality, emphasize sanitation, and educate the villagers. It conducts awareness campaigns and holds health camps for the benefit of the community.

Though Shining Soul’s inception was in 2018, it has helped innumerable street children, offered survival gears, protection, and development. Shining Souls believes that every child can shine if he/she receives a congenial environment for growth and development. Children are the future of the nation. The organization encompasses and focuses on child development from all walks of life and supports them with food, education, etc.

Society needs more people like Mr. Rahul Sinha, who goes beyond their usual routine and dedicates their life to build a bright future for the country. Mr. Rahul Sinha has received honors and awards for his exemplary work for society. In 2020, Akhil Vishwa NGO Union felicitated him with Saran Ratna Puraskar and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Youth Icon Award. The 5th South Asian Education Awards honored him with the Best Eco-friendly School and the Best Edu-Preneur Award 2020.

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