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The two frenchies Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan made millions during the pandemic

Using the hybrid model of coaching has a lot of benefits

Published: Jan 19, 2021 02:59:52 PM IST

The two frenchies Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan made millions during the pandemic
Good parenting is key to the healthy social, emotional and cognitive development of a child. Most of us can swear that no matter how hard we try, we just aren't able to let go of the values and ethics that our parents taught us during our childhood. They become hardwired and somehow, most of these values and their implementation determine the course of our future personal and professional life. Matthias Nezzar, an entrepreneur and coach says that a few lessons given by his parents during his early days have largely contributed to his very phenomenal professional success and accomplishment.

Matthias Nezzar was born in the Parisian suburbs to a fairly affluent family. His mother had her own entrepreneurial venture while his grandmother worked as a real estate agent. Matthias grew up around successful women who taught him the value of money and skills. He remembers that he never really had an allowance given to him because his mother maintained that "money needs to be earned." This set Matthias on an early journey of self discovery and growth. Having worked at a few odd jobs, Matthias gained impeccable selling skills. During his duration at a sports club, Matthias became the best salesperson who managed to sell equipment and sports coaching methods to various clients - something that most trained salespersons were largely unable to do.

What started as a simple click on an advertisement resulted in the very deep friendship of David Michigan and Matthias Nezzar. Very quickly, Matthias recognized that David is an “attraction” visibility expert and a “conversion” sales specialist. They decided to partner up and start an altogether new venture. By using methods that monetize advertisements on various networks and other sales techniques, Matthias and David combined their efforts and maintained a large never ending pool of prospects/leads and began selling services to people all over the world. In today's date, both of them are internationally known and recognized entrepreneurs who help people generate revenue through the tools of the Internet.

Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan are involved in teaching sports coaches and helping them develop their image and impression on the internet. They have a world class technique which they disseminate to sports coaches around the world. It is called Hybrid Coaching. Through this, they enable sports coaches to earn revenue in two ways - physically, at their local regional level and on the Internet by selling their methods and knowledge to people around the world, online.

Matthias Nezzar says, "Using the hybrid model of coaching has a lot of benefits. It allows you to work with five times more clients than you would normally work with. It gives you a wider perspective on demand trends of your services and helps you monetize your services according to your own estimated value."

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